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Account information
Contact details

Discord: Amyy#2021

Drug of choice

Currently: Nutmeg

Other information

Idk there are a lot of great movies that I watched but dont really remember

Video games

Mainly CS:GO

Personal information
Real name

Amy Emily


Fabric of existence,


November 7th, 2006

Places I have lived

my moms inside (~9 months)



About me

Hey, I'm Amy (Emily works too), 16 years and from Germany.

I started taking an interest in psychoactive drugs about a year ago (summer 2022). In autumn 2022 I smoked weed for the first time, just for fun but quickly realized that I could manage my OCD symptoms using weed and started self medicating.

Currently I am experimenting with Nutmeg, since it gives me a rather pleasant high. I plan on doing shrooms in the near future for (spiritual) advancement, find answers and hopefully work on whatever is causing my mental health issues

idk why i just typed this up since no1 will ever read this anyway

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