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Hello, I'm currently 19 amost 20 and have been repairing amphetamine derived brain damage in myself for three years with Nootropics and partial dictation over pharmaceutical medication that I'm prescribed and how and when I take them as the brain damage caused a number of psychological problems that I had to attempt to fix and cure as well as regaining what I was born with. I was born an intellectual with a measurable IQ above 165, but unfortunately I was forced to take, some amphetamine based, ADHD medications for a decade. I eventually took myself off the medication at age 14 and then was abandoned at age 15, left homeless and in poor intellectual condition with an IQ at 87 by the time I was 16.

My progress is now on the rise and hasn't been cheap, but it's finally entirely obvious that I will be successful in regaining the gift I was born with, as my IQ is now 141 and consistently rising. I'm starting a gofundme page to fund myself in order to then join a private school where my goal will be a university scholarship in mathematics or one of the sciences. I feel it's important to mention that I will be starting in 11th grade as circumstances had me needing to drop out of high school in 10th grade, and I've since finished 10th grade online with honors and have an average of 98% in an 11th Grade University level English course. My English course is being removed, and my school account has been compromised. I'm no longer able to get online to work, so I'm reaching out and deciding to go with a better, more secure, and providing option.

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