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  1. Start off with your stream of consciousness, using current knowledge of grammar and sentence structure.
  2. Think of something else to write.
  3. When you cannot think of anymore to write, reread what you have written so far.
  4. This will trigger you to delete or add more words and sentences to the already written text so that it is improved.
  5. Reread what you have written again. There will often be errors in the sentence structure caused by the addition of new words.
  6. Rewrite your text completely differently in a way that flows better and just sounds better in general, deleting or adding unnecessary words, letters, or sentences.
  7. Reread improved revision of the writing.
  8. Rearrange words or sentences once more as there will usually be errors in the sentence structure if you add or rearrange words.
  9. Reread everything again.
  10. Do research on what you are writing; this will usually give you more ideas on what to write.
  11. If stuck, copy and paste other people's writing on the subject.
  12. Use this copy and pasted writing to rewrite relevant sections and attach them onto your original writing.
  13. Do not plagiarize or use people's writing as your own.