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He finally let her up, and she surfaced grinning and a little dazed, her eyes watering and a stringy mass of her saliva suspended between her little tongue and the glistening head of his penis. As her daddy, it warmed my heart how eager a learner she was, and after Levi affectionately tousled her hair and kissed her playfully on the cheek she returned, without prompting, to doing what she loved porn movies 'Good job, honey. You're getting really good at that,' I commended her, and she gave me a little full-mouthed smile while she happily nuzzled and sucked her new friend. I was always touched by how deeply happy she was anytime someone put their penis in her mouth; she was the very picture of contentment and peace as long as she was entrusted with the grown-up responsibility of caring for a cock. We were joined by Abigail, who had just emerged from the house with a ginger ale. She walked up to Levi and was about to kiss him when she realized with a start what Jennifer was doing, and she froze for a moment and took in the sight of her father gently petting a naked girl who was happily serving his penis with her mouth. It was clear that as disorienting as this day had already been for the sweet girl, she'd been kept far too busy with her own training duties to pay much attention to what her father had been doing at the same time, so this was her first moment to absorb all the feelings and emotions that came with the breathtaking realization of what her life was truly going to be like from now on cooze porn Despite the understandable inner conflict, Abigail was a dutiful girl, and she set her chin as she accepted what she saw and leaned over to kiss her dad, giving me a beautiful view of her backside and her sex as she did. Levi secured Jennifer's head to his belly and began firmly fucking her mouth, giving her a couple dozen strokes and testing her ability to keep her throat relaxed and maintain suction, as he kissed his daughter and asked where she'd been. 'I had to go to the bathroom,' she laughed, and looked shyly at me. 'Hi, Mr. Steveson,' she said, blushing slightly. I guessed she was thinking about her discipline earlier, and how hard she had orgasmed as I'd done my best to absolve her of her misbehavior. 'Can I hang out here with you guys?' 'Of course, sweet girl,' I welcomed her, 'come lie down here on the deck next to Layla and let me play with your kitty while I chat with your father.' She complied with a giggle, stretching out next to Layla on her back in the sun and opening her legs for me. 'Jeez, Abigail,' I exclaimed as I reached out and ran my fingers through her thick, messy bush and played gently with her rich pink labia, 'you have such a beautiful pussy. It's gorgeous with all this cum all over it. You've been getting some good practice in today, haven't you?' She jumped just a little as I tugged on her clitoris. I was sure she was sore; there was no way this little vagina was prepared to be used by four men in a day. Her opening contracted, and a rush of semen spilled out and ran down her perineum into her dark pubic hair. I carefully scooped it up with my fingers and brought it to her lips, instructing her to lick it up. 'Some of that is mine, dear girl,' I said as her pink tongue flicked obediently around my fingers, 'and some of that is probably from Martin's first shot or two before he pulled out of you and tried to stop himself. Good girl, get it all.' 'So, I'm still not super clear on how this works in everyday life,' Levi said, watching with rapt attention as I fed his daughter mine and his friend's semen. 'How do I pick the girls I want to train?' 'Oh, that's easy,' I said, inserting two fingers into Abigail and running them slowly in and out of her with a light pressure of my fingertips against the front wall of her vagina, while I gently rubbed her sore clit with my thumb. At the same time I began slowly fucking Layla, only about an inch of movement either way. She groaned and growled as fresh sensations were introduced to her insides. 'There's an app. I'll show you later,' I continued, 'This week you and Abigail will go to the city offices and get registered. She'll get a green ID card that indicates she's available for training, and she'll get entered into the training database. They'll do a complete physical, take down all her important data, and take some file photos of her, and they'll give her a copy of her official legal obligations as a new trainee. 'You'll get a copy of your legal rights as an eligible male, and get set up on the app, which is connected to the database that lists all eligible girls. It's pretty simple; you can search by your area, or the type of girl you want to train-age, hair and skin color, size, measurements, and so on-or by reviews. When you check out a girl's profile, it's usually going to have a little blurb about her, pictures and videos that she's uploaded and that various trainers have taken of her and uploaded, and reviews by trainers outlining what she is like to work with, what she's good at, and what she should practice more. 'You select a girl that is available to be trained-most girls are allowed to limit their sessions to two per day; the lowest-scoring girls from any Festival can only limit theirs to four. Then you decide where you want to train her. You can take her to your home or a hotel, or you can train her where you find her sometimes; parks downtown during the lunch hour are usually full of guys engaging members of the female office staff for some mid-day refreshment. 'Probably the easiest thing for you as you start out is to just stick with the basics at first, and reserve a girl at her house. If she's visible on the app, that means her father has approved her for training at home, so you'll just go over there at the time you select, she'll take you up to her room, and you can do what you want from there.' Layla had turned her head and was watching me, waiting patiently for a moment to speak. 'Mr. Stevenson,' she said politely, 'I need to go inside for a minute. I'll be right back though.' 'What do you need, Layla?' I asked. She considered her answer. ' to use the bathroom,' she said. I nodded. 'Okay,' I said, 'do you need to do one or two?' This was not the direction Layla expected this conversation to go, but I maintained a calm, reasonable tone and kept slowly fucking her. She said she only needed to do Number One. 'That's fine, Layla,' I said, 'you don't need to leave to do that. Just go ahead and do it right here like this.' She whipped her head around and gave me a look of disbelief, combined with a little shock that she'd just heard those instructions. 'Mr. Stevenson, right here? In front of everyone?' 'Yes, dear girl,' I laughed. I'm sure that Martin won't mind. Martin,' I called out to where he was still lying beneath Kristen, laughing and chatting quietly with her, 'Layla needs to pee. Is it okay if she does it in your pool?' He grinned at the question and gave me a thumbs-up. 'Of course, Robert! Nothing wrong with a little girl pee.' I was extremely hard now, and gave Layla a few harder thrusts to help me work off some steam; I knew how I wanted to cum now. Layla rolled her eyes, but she knew better than to argue. She began to stand up and pull away so she could pee, and I grabbed her and hauled her back onto my cock. 'No, Layla,' I said calmly, 'I want you to pee right here.' She shot me another incredulous look. 'You mean-with you...inside me?' I nodded and smiled. 'Yes, honey,' I said. 'It's fine that you need to pee, but that's no reason that I should have to stop enjoying your lovely pussy. I'm going to continue fucking you, because that's what I want to do, and if you need to pee, you can just let it go right here so I don't need to be interrupted in my little enterprise. I'm getting closer to wanting to ejaculate, which is the most important thing.' Layla fell silent for a few minutes as she considered my instructions. She was so tight, and I was greatly enjoying feeling the head of my penis hitting her cervix as I started driving a bit harder into her, pushing her up against the side of the pool as I savored the splashes of the pool water synchronizing with my thrusts. She'd used a white scrunchy to make a loose bun when she'd entered the water, and I carefully pulled it free and arranged her rich auburn hair down the center of her back, taking it all in a thick handful at her neck as I prepared for my orgasm. 'I...I...I can't do it, Mr. Stevenson,' she said with frustration. 'I can't go like this. It's too embarrassing.' I told her that she should not say she couldn't, but should instead ask what she needed to do to be able to, and I slowed to a stop and pulled about a quarter of the way out of her. I was on a hair trigger now; she felt so good on my cock, especially as she struggled to control her bladder muscles in such a unique situation.

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