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  • educate myself: more to learn about the wiki (guides to read, tutorials to follow
  • sort out private linkportal(s), check url's and add sites of interest to the PsychonautWiki Network-page (
  • add country/language specific websites (dutch/german etc.)
  • uploading data
    • upload various noteworthy files/info/books that I've collected over the years
    • upload harm reduction/addiction self-help workbooks/sheets and other tools
  • shoutcast stream
    • basic config to start with. Make it possible for other members/wannabe's to get an personal dj-account if they would like to broadcast music on the stream.
    • provide tutorials for less experienced wannabe dj's and perhaps extended info for the more experienced one's who want to learn more
    • create/produce PsychonautWiki jingle package/voice overs
  • hug an unicorn at least once a week