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Marc Kelley


Auburn, Washington


Bellingham, Washington


April 4th



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Bellingham, WA

San Bernardino, CA Mt. Vernon, WA

About me

I create psychedelic music as well as use substances every once in a while. Very passionate towards legalization of most of these substances as well as changing preconceived notions that usually ring out when they are brought up.

Psychedelics have made the world seem more beautiful in my eyes, despite all of the horrible things that happen in it. Nature struggles to pull itself up out of the huge cityscapes that are built on top of it. I try to take care of the nature around me and encourage others to do the same. I think people are beautiful, but the things that we do make me gag.

Like I always say to friends that are tripping next to me; a quote which I saw on a guard rail by an irrigation ditch near my house, "Be like water, my friend".

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