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Kennedy Meadows,


Kennedy Meadows,


November 6th

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Squealing with girlish pleasure, I grabbed it out of the laundry basket. As I did, a crumpled pair of black bikini-cut panties that had been bunched up with the dress fell out. With excited, shaking hands, I picked them up and examined them. Sure enough, a thick layer of cum and vaginal fluid had crusted up over the gusset. Damian must have fucked his ex somewhere outside and came inside her, and it had leaked all over her panties. The musky, raw scent of her pussy and Damian's cum drove me mindless with lust. Without thinking, I brought the panties up to my face and began licking the dried mess while rapidly stroking my clit with my other hand Ass Fucking Tube. I imagined that I was Damian's hot brunette girlfriend after getting fucked in public and holding in his cum. I didn't last five seconds before spurting violently onto the bathroom floor.Oh shit. I reached for the toilet paper, then paused. Waste not want not. Crouching on the floor, I lapped up the damning evidence that I wasn't really a girl, and swallowed every last drop. Rising up, I pulled on the tight black panties, automatically tucking my now-shrinking girl-cock back. Abruptly, an idea came to me. I grinned and adjusted my clit and balls so that they were instead in the front of my panties. Anyone looking from the front would see a very unsightly bulge, but from the back all they would see would be a thick, feminine ass.I then hastily stepped into the dress and pulled it on, savoring the sensation of the smooth material running up over my legs, crotch, and body. I was a few inches taller than Damian's ex, so the sexy dress, already designed to be revealing, was almost obscenely short on me. Half of my bubbly ass hung out under the loose skirt. The dress otherwise fully covered my bust area, and the tight tube sleeves emphasized the slimness of my arms. My sharp, exposed collarbones drew attention to the delicate choker around my neck.I was back in business. From head to toe, I looked like a classy, ready-to-fuck escort. Even though I had just cum, I felt another stirring in my panties when I looked at my reflection. What a difference name brand makeup and clothing made! I could see why girls spent so much now. I looked, if it were possible, even more convincing than I did last night, and exponentially sluttier. I unclipped my sole hoop earring and left it on Damian's bathroom counter to mark my territory against any other sluts. Opening the bathroom door, my heart began to race again as I realized that I would have to deceive Damian all over again. I stepped out to see Damian still lying in bed, playing with his phone. Either on purpose or accidentally, the sheets had been cast aside so that his massive cock was exposed. It was no longer erect, his morning wood having worn off, but my eyes were nonetheless glued to its size and I started salivating again. I shook my head to clear it. Get your shit together, girl!He looked up, and his eyes widened. I could feel him look me up and down with lust. Despite all the sluts he undoubtedly took home, I doubted that any of them had ever woke up early to doll themselves up look like a fuck toy. I saw the recognition dawn in his eyes as he realized that I was wearing his ex-girlfriend's clubbing dress. He licked his lips. The idea seemed to excite him."Good morning," he said, voice thick with lust. "Can I make you breakfast?"I was hungry, but breakfast was the last thing on my mind."Sure!" I giggled, pouting and pressing a slim finger to my lips adultcam69. "I was thinking, sausage?"He growled like a tiger, jumping out of bed. I squealed and dashed into the living room. In the daylight, I realized that his tidy bachelor pad included a granite kitchen island that was next to the curtain glass windows. It had a fantastic view of the city below.I quickly glided to the countertop, causing my dress to swirl around my thighs and giving the pursuing Damian a good view of my bubble butt and his ex's panties. On my tiptoes, I lay sensually face down on the island with my ass thrust out over the edge of the counter, ready for Damian to fuck me like the bitch in heat that I was.In this position, my naughty secret was firmly pressed between the cold granite and my belly, and Damian would see only a smooth, pert, panty-clad butt with my dress sultrily hiked up to my waist. Turning my head around and making eye contact with Damian right as he walked up to the island, I slowly lowered the back of my panties with both hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart, exposing my shaved, pink hole, but nothing underneath it. "Daddy's little girl wants her sausage now." I said in my best girl voice.I guess even the experienced Damian was shocked as the whorish sight before him. "Are those...Tessa's panties?" So her name was Tessa."Yeah, and her dress. But I look better than she does in both. And I bet she doesn't let you fuck her in the ass." At this, Damian made a sound in his throat, thick with lust, and knelt, putting his warm hands over mine and spreading my cheeks even further apart. As he buried his face into my ass, I felt his hot, probing tongue in my sphincter. I gave a feminine moan. If he wondered why there was so much of his cum around my anus when he supposedly fucked my "pussy" last night, he kept it to himself. I felt his expert tongue move around inside me, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body, and loosening me up in preparation for the violent onslaught that was about to occur.

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