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Fair Bluff,


Fair Bluff,

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I'm sick to my gut, but determined to make it better this time so as he fumbles at the lock I slump down onto the pedestal, haul my stiff cock out and idly masturbate slowly. As he turns, his eyes nearly burst out of his head at what he's seeing, and he's tugging at his zip irritably. "This time, I need it in my mouth." My words come surprisingly easily. He nearly trips on his tangled pants in his haste as they're caught up around his white flabby knees, a crinkly crust of dried emission on the inside of his y-fronts, and I suppress an urge to laugh at his absurdity, but that stubby cock is out and as erect as it will ever be, swaying towards me. For a second my resolve breaks. I think of it stuck up some grubby anus, wonder when he'd last washed it... then it's already too late. He's coming at me with a haste like he can't believe his luck. He has it bunched in his fist so he can push it into my face, but its diminutive size means that not much of it protrudes from his sweaty fingers, the foreskin pulled painfully back so the damply glistening head slots awkwardly into my mouth like the tip of a thumb I want to do it properly, as in the descriptions I've pored over secretively in magazines, like in the porn websites I've studied and returned to time and time again, coaxing and teasing it, licking and taking it deep, but I can barely do it justice, I suck and tongue on it as best I can, its bitter salty taste communicating to me some urgency and hunger for it, but he's juggling up and down, grunting and panting like he's on heat, it slithers and nudges against my lips frustratingly, his bunched fingers banging my nose and chin alternately as he thrusts. His noise is disgusting, panting and sobbing. Surely someone will hear. I scream silently for him to shut up, shut up, be quiet. Then, too soon, before I've even got my first real taste, he moans as though he's in pain, something that sounds like a groan and a word, all threaded through and underlined with pain, like something is busting up inside him, his entire body jerks like an epileptic fit, like he's having a seizure, and he begins dribbling sperm, pulling back so I get it over my lips and chin, moaning with that unique sound only a man can make when he's releasing himself into another receptive human. Almost before I realise what's happening, he's backing away, stuffing the deflating slimy thing back into his fly with indecent haste as I sit there dazed and disappointed with his seed on my face. He turns and scurried out of the cubicle without a word, but colliding with a newcomer as he does so. He mutters apologies profusely, and he's gone, my eyes refocusing on the erotic skinhead -- who stands there in a swaggering pose against the door-jamb. "You got any of that for me?" There's no point in acting coy, the proof of my submission is still smearing my chin. "All comers welcome" I whisper hoarsely, in a voice quite unlike my own, my gut full of quicksilver, or lead. "You won't regret it" says the skin, coming inside, closing and bolting the door with an aggressive finality that makes me flinch. He unfastens his thick studded belt with a flamboyant gesture and shoves his pants to his knees. Shuffles to me, and without a moment's hesitation places both hands on the back of my head. Obediently I reach out and slip my fingers into the lining of his grubby y-fronts and draw them down, first a tangle of dark wiry pubic hair, then the shorts snag on his stiffness, and I tug them down. They come free and a magnificent cock swings up at me quivering fat and engorged with blood, satin-smooth and circumcised. But he allows me no pause to admire it, one experienced hand circles around the back of my head, like he's moulding me, shoving my head in at it with slight insistent pressure, skewing my face awkwardly in at his gut, propelling me submissively forward onto it. The other hand comes down to lever my jaw open while levelling it in at me crudely, but the action only stabs the moist tip in at my eye, down my nose, smearing it across my cheek as I try to reach it. The fat hairy balls are swinging somewhere around my chin as he's shoving me brutally down until the cock-head finally slips between my lips and teeth, then jams forward violently to lodge in the back of my throat. Immediately I retch and choke, my eyes filling with involuntary tears as my mouth closes automatically up around it. "Lemme, lemme do it" I mewl desperately. He relinquishes his hold on my head slightly, relaxing back a little, so the pressure is relieved. Reluctantly as though he suspects I'll squirm away. Yet he retains confident control. I feel a surge of gratitude for that slight concession, and lunge forward, tunnelling my head in and around to swallow it. Although I catch it at an angle, trapping the shaft between my lips, the strength of my suction draws it into fill my mouth, with a syrupy slurping sound. Greedy for it to an obscene degree. His swollen ball-sac moves with the force of my action. I can tell by his sharp intake of breath, feel his whole body tense in reaction, and hear him swearing low beneath his breath. I have it, I'm not about to surrender my prize now, I hold it and suck so hard I nearly dislodge it, I can feel its solid blunt snout up against the back of my throat, my eyes closing in sheer animal gluttony. It tastes sour, dirty, of sweat and body-juices, but soon it tastes just of raw flesh as I suck and swallow. I've got the taste of cock, and I want it all, paying obeisance to its need, totally acquiescent to the will of such a dominant mouth-fucker. To the single-minded animalistic sexual lust he's focusing on me, and I want to be used in that way. Being so ruthlessly used makes me feel sluttish and debased, my hands go up to him, one around the strong muscular buttocks, covetously tracing the cleavage down towards the anus, the other coming up between us to squeeze the pendulous weight of his balls. And deliciously, exuberantly I suck on the fat juicy prize filling my ravenous and sperm-soiled mouth. I luxuriate in its heady erotic heat and its foul pulsing fullness. I suck my lips tight in around it so I can feel the crude animal bulbous glans up against the roof of my mouth, tracing the zigzag track of the sperm-duct and the blue veins along its underside with my gloating tongue. I suck so hard I hear him groan and the sound intoxicates me, the fact that my filthy mouth is doing that to him, I love the feel of it tightening up around my lips as he fucks and I tongue. It was stirring and fattening. I hear him gasp, and he lapses back further, me fiercely following it, determined not to lose a moment of it. I'm grunting and snuffling with effort, emitting loud slurpy suction noises -- glock-glock-glock-glock, my body writhing round to follow him. He's stiff and achingly hard. Pulsing hot rammed into my head. Down my throat so I'm sobbing and blubbing in my eagerness to keep it all in my mouth. He's laughing a dirty laugh, swearing and groaning as I feast. Grunting like a swear-word they haven't invented yet. As he moves around, angling my head to take him deeper still, spit drooling down my chin, matting the hair on his massive round sperm-filled balls. I hold its root possessively with my teeth, careful not to bite down too hard, and tongue-lash it as close to the sensitive underside of the glans as I can. I feel his arse tense, using my hold on it to draw him tighter into me, yet he squirms a little, a loud vulgar slurp escapes my lips and a dribble of saliva trickles down my chin, but I hold onto his balls tightly and refuse to allow a centimetre of my phallic prize to escape, and in response he lunges, rasping it in across the roof of my mouth and chokingly into my maw. My eyes close in an agony of disgustingly sensual ecstasy, I've never felt so sated in my life, my own groin iron-hard and achingly near explosion. I'm moaning and panting around my fleshy gag and suck like a drowning man, as if my life depends on it. And it does. "Look out" he warns hoarsely, giving me a chance to avoid what's coming. Then it jerks and quivers like a trapped animal, it expands and rams into me, and suddenly he begins spurting long gooey strands of spunk, it keeps coming, making him laugh even more as I gag on him, moaning and sobbing in muffled ecstasy. I'm inundated with spunk, spurting and filling my mouth, dazzlingly near-drowning me, I try to yell but only succeed in gurgling obscenely, oggle-gloggle-oggle-gloggle. I let go of him and clutch at my own penis, attempting to staunch it, but by now it's too late and I'm coming across my own pants. He holds my head tightly and refuses to release it as he gushes into me and I slobber and groan and whimper with spittle and semen vomiting out of my mouth around the twitching and pulsing organ. I feel I'm on fire, unable to catch my breath, but at the same time I'm breathing a gale, racked with a near-blazing passion I've never before experienced. It was gloriously foul, disgustingly raw. Then it becomes quiescent and he withdraws casually, slopping from my lips and leaving it to hang there slimy with sperms and saliva, red and swollen. I slouch up unsteadily, still slightly drunk on the emotional force of what's occurred. I wipe my face self-consciously with the back of my hand. My underpants feel sticky and uncomfortably moist. My mouth tastes foul and my lower lip is numb, yet it all merely gives me a curious sensation of elation. I've done it! I've had a strange cock in my mouth! He's spunked-off down my throat like I was some filthy whore in a porno novel. Me, I've done it. I was a cock-sucker, and it feels incredibly wonderful. I lurch tipsily, and he steadies me, looking me full in the eyes. Me, the older, respectable businessman. And him, a guy whose name I don't even know. I feel suddenly embarrassed, pictures flashing in my head of how I must have appeared to him, his thick cock wedged between my lips, my head guzzling in his thighs as he comes, as he ejaculates. My hair is thinning at the crown. From that angle, looking down, he must have noticed.

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