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posted 721 days ago

Yep, that's the point. If you want to feel like you took a really low dose of amphetamine combined with a cup of coffee, that's bupropion.

posted 721 days ago

If you want to feel like you drank a red-bull or two, combined with a feeling like you just snorted like maybe 5mg of speed, bupropion is what you're looking for. It only lasts like 3 hours though. Of course, it actually lasts up to 12 hours, but you come down from the peak quickly and spend the next 7 hours coming down slowly. Just be careful, a high seizure risk and potential delirium should be noted.

posted 721 days ago

I was reading up before I parachuted a small dose of it. Overall disappointing. Feels like caffeine in cathinone form. Also, I was trying to fix the fact that the page is broken, and it originally looked like your fault. It wasn't, my mistake.