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None, that's why I feel free to do drugs.

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I like sci-fi. "2001, a Space Odyssey" is still my top favourite since approx. 30 years when I saw it the first time. I also love "Solaris" (both, the Russian version as Clooney's version). "From Dusk Till Dawn", yeah! "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", yeah! Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch are my favourite directors.


I don't watch TV. I liked "Twin Peaks" in my teens, and the "X files". Wrestling (Hulk Hogan & Co) was on programme sometimes. "South Park" was fun too, and there was a flirt with "NCIS" later, but as said, I don't watch TV anymore.


Psytrance, classical, and some rock.


Sci-fi, for example I love "Solaris" by Stanislaw Lem. I also like the dystopian stuff ("Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, "1984" by George Orwell or "Farenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury were the Tao of my teens). Fantasy, Tolkien's "Hobbit" was a part of my childhood.

Then I read specialised literature, e.g. on psychedelics, Rick Strassmann on DMT (The Spirit Molecule) or Albert Hofmann on LSD (LSD My Problem Child), literature on metaphysics, psychology and the like.

Video games

At the time I don't play video games, except for some fast paced arcade style stuff on my smartphone, e.g. "Super Hexagon" once in a while, or "Baldur’s Gate" which I have on my tablet. Yes, of course I know "Ingress" (I’m green, I’m Crystalline). Some years ago I loved "Portal" 1 & 2. I've also played through "Half Life" 1 & 2, "Quake 4" and "Doom 3". Especially I liked the HL multiplayer mode.

Earlier on in my life, in my teens, I owned a home computer and respective games. Although there were some good ones, e.g. "Thexder" or "Knightlore", I preferred and fell in love with text adventures, e.g. "Snowball" by Level 9 or "The Lurking Horror" by Infocom. Actually I continued to play TADS/Z-Code adventure games until a few years ago.


At the time I don't read any magazine regularly. Once in a while, seldom actually, I get a magazine based on its headlines, e.g. the German "Spiegel". In my childhood I regularly read two children's magazines, in my teens I read "Byte", "Chip" and "Science Fiction Media" besides the magazines included frequently with the newspaper. I dind't really bother about teen magazines (but still found sex is funny). In my early twenties I subscribed to the "Economist" for two years or so. Then, around the year 2000, I decided to minimize paperwork and switch to online news only. Since then newspapers and magazines are hard to find in my household.


Food yeah! Food and snacks make the world revolve. Cookies, chocolates, chips and nuts are systematically distributed all over my flat, so there's always something to nibble in reach. No candies, though. Occasionally I like a piece of cake.

I basically cook vegetarian, but as with alcohol I allow myself rare exceptions, e.g. when invited to special occasions or by special people.


I hardly drink alcohol, maybe at Christmas when invited to a party, or during the year when invited by a nice lady. I avoid sugared drinks. So it's mainly tap water, and additionally tea (I love tea), coffee, milk, fruit juice and homemade smoothies.

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Magic Monkey


Zurich, Switzerland


November 1st


Office Boy

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