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May 12th

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"That's the one. The one who claimed that I wasn't dating him. That's because we haven't been on a date in months and he thinks that these kinds of jokes are funny. Pranks like this. Well, this will teach him! If he wants a divorce after that, it's on him, but he had to learn the consequences of such practical jokes. This one went too far. He implied that he doesn't care what I do? Okay, well, this is what I'd do if he wasn't a factor. Fuck the next hairy dude in the bar, and I do mean hairy, aren't you? I love it!" Heather confessed as she took me deeper now. Heather pushed her back and hips, but especially her fine ass, into the act, and damn if I wasn't tempted to take the backdoor! Well, she did offer, and how often did I get the chance? Still, there wasn't any lube and I didn't know how clean she was back there. I focused on fucking her tight, wet pussy, which felt as if it hadn't been screwed in weeks. She gripped my dick like a vise with it, and she pushed back even harder until I bottomed out inside her cunt. The whole time, I stared at her freckled, tattooed ass and craved it more by the second. Heather kept up the pressure, tantalizing me with her booty as I pumped in and out of her slick snatch with forceful strokes that seemed to impress enough to make her cream herself on about the tenth stroke or so. I lost count soon enough, and I wasn't sure that someone was about to send a searching party, when I decided that one thing would do the job and send the signal that both of us meant business while avoiding too long of an encounter. Sinking my dick into her snatch one more time, I then pulled out and eased into her bbwtube.pornasshole. Heather gasped at first, and I thought that it might have been too rough or she might have second thoughts, but she instead relaxed her backdoor enough that she was able to take the first few inches into her tush. I stopped for a moment to let her adjust, but then she kicked things into a faster gear by pushing back hard with her hips and buns to welcome me deeper into her booty. I was a bit stunned that this ginger who I had never met, a married woman no less, would let me sodomize her, but here I was, butt-fucking her in a ladies' room of an Irish pub. Just then, the bathroom door opened and one of the bartenders walked in, a slender slip of a girl named Tiffany with long, dark curls. She seemed sweet enough, but she was also raunchy enough to watch us for several minutes before saying a thing and going to a spare stall to piss or something. She was very quiet in there, but she stayed and didn't leave while I rammed Heather's derriere very hard now. Far from complaining, my new fuckbuddy pressed back aggressively at me with her bottom and took me deeper if possible. Just then, Tiffany opened the door and asked us, "Hey, whatcha guys doin'?" "Cheating on my husband. What does it look like?" Heather answered as I finally spilled my load up her tight, once cherry ass while she stood at the sink. I looked down at turned out to be a shockingly clean cock and barely had the time to say another thing before Tiffany licked her lips, knelt, and put her mouth on it. When Heather joined her, I was really stunned. I was even more jolted when they started kissing when they weren't sucking me. Heather's ass leaked my cum onto the floor, but she didn't let that stop her yet. I was truly confused for a moment, as I began actively using their mouths for my pleasure. "That makes two of us," Tiffany showed me her wedding band as well. "Holy smokes, two cheating wives in one night!" I grunted, but both ladies laughed. "Yeah, this is the place to go for married ho!" Tiffany snickered at her own comment. "What made you want to cheat?" I asked Tiffany as she spat on my dick and bent over for more. "Which hole, honey, and bear in mind that I've cum twice already?" I warned Tiffany, who laughed softly. "Good, you'll last long enough to make that dickhead of a hubby get the idea that Heather here means business. Rajiv is such a jerk-off that she probably should have fucked around on him years ago. Tyler's the same way. What a pimple! I'm tired of his making excuses about starting a family, so here we go!" Tiffany told me, "knock me the fuck up!" Now, some might have objected at this point, but this was a second cutie in one night hitting on me after a considerable dry spell courtesy of the missus I was in angry divorced man mode and down on people, anyway, particularly morons like Chloe, Rajiv, and Tyler who didn't know how good they had it at all. If my impregnating his wife didn't make the guy fish or cut bait, nothing would. Tiffany didn't really seem that evil of a person, so she probably just felt deceived and jerked around, a feeling that I totally understood. I found myself pumping harder than ever, glad that Tiffany had cleaned me up orally rather than risk a UTI, though ass-to-mouth had risks of its own. As for Heather, she was far from done, now spreading her cheeks to let Tiffany rim her, which she did with enthusiasm and considerable skill, making Heather cum all over again. If these women, who didn't seem the sort to do this a lot, were engaged in high-risk public sex, including ass play of some kinds, it was obvious that they meant to retaliate for something that they hated their husbands doing.

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