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Allison stumbled into the elevator; walking awkwardly from the soreness and tenderness between her legs. The pain she felt was one that she welcomed; she loved how the pain made her feel complete and felt her blood pump with every half step she took. She leaned on the wall over the elevator, just thinking about the torrid sex she just had with Rob. She took out her phone to play the video she recorded. She watched herself on the phone; getting her ego fluffed watching herself going down on Rob's enormous 8.5 inch cock. She marveled at how she was able to go down fully on it; how she deep throated his cock. She fast forwarded to when Rob had her pinned to the bed by her wrists and covered her mouth while he impaled her and her virgin pussy with his enormous cock. Her muffled screams started to churn feelings in the pit of her stomach. She couldn't help but to slide her right hand under her skirt and gently rub her vagina in a counter-clockwise motion. She was wet now. She moved her hand down lower and felt her wetness seep out. She cupped her hand and felt more liquid leak out. She brought her hand up to see and she saw a thick pink liquid in her palm. It was Rob's cum in her hand mixed along with her blood from her hymen being ruptured. She slowly licked up the mixture and took in the taste of Rob's cum and her own cum mixed with her blood. She felt light headed and leaned her head against the wall of the elevator. She was in a haze. A lust filled drunken haze. Ding. Allison's eyes opened wide. She forgot to push the button for her floor and was now at the lobby. The elevator doors opened and it was her mom that she stood face to face with "Allison! Honey, what are you doing? Her mom muttered in her heavy Korean accent. "Hi, Mom! Oh I was just about to come down to check the mail. I forgot when I came home to get it. And I just realized I left my keys in the apartment. Thank goodness your home now! I would have been locked out!" Allison said surprisingly. "No need, Honey. I have it here! Lets go up, I'm tired. I need some rest." Allison's mom answered. Allison's mom opened the door to their apartment; and Allison followed her mother albeit slowly because of her tender vagina that was just recently been pounded on by Rob. She shuffled her feet together and made her way to the bathroom, enjoying the sensations of her throbbing raw pussy and feeling more of Rob's semen make it's way out of her opening and slowly moving down her thigh. Once she got into the bathroom, she locked the door and stripped off her clothes. She examined herself in the mirror. She slowly caressed her full 34-C cup breasts and pinched her nipples and tugged on them gently. Allison bit her lower lip and lowered her eyes to her red and puffy vaginal lips. She took her right hand and slowly massaged and rubbed her pussy in a circular motion. The sensations that she felt shook her from the core of her being to a euphoria in her head. She felt more of Rob's come make its way from her sex hole down her thigh. "God, I'm fucking sexy." She thought to herself while licking her lips and making sultry looks into the mirror. She stepped into the shower and turned on the water. The steam started to gather and she dipped herself into the hot massaging waters. She lathered up to wash herself. The calming and soothing heat from the waters relaxed Allison as she moved her hands down into private areas. Fingers still soapy, she massaged her sex hole with her fingers. Feeling the tenderness still from her throbbing puffy pussy lips she inserted her finger into her vagina. The stinging sensation along with the soreness was something new to her and she noticed her nipples were getting hard in the shower. She took her other hand and caressed one of her firm breasts and pinched her nipples, feeling her nipple slip from her soapy fingers turned her on even more. She moved the hand to her back, and moved it lower so that her fingers would glide into her ass crack with ease from the soapy water flowing down. She took her middle finger and massaged the puckered opening of her anus. She always wondered what anal sex was like. She watched many videos of anal sex on her phone. She watched videos of Asa Akira getting rammed anally from behind by large white and black dicks that it turned her on having her finger wander about her anus. Slowly she inserted her middle finger into her anus and though she felt a little pain it felt like nothing she had experienced before. It felt good. She slowly pushed more of her finger into her tight butthole and took her hand from massaging her vagina to caressing her breasts and pinched her hard nipples. It felt so good, she felt the pit of her stomach start to spin. She was about to cum and she wanted to make sure she did. Allison reached up and turned the nozzle on the shower head to the pulsating massage setting and unhooked it and brought the head down to her vagina. "Mmm..." as she bit her lip. She felt the massaging power of the shower head and moved it closer to herself. She was close to climaxing. She quickly started to push her middle finger in and out of her anus. She propped her foot onto on the side of bathtub and all she heard was the splashing of the water from her hand slapping her ass while fingering her asshole. The sensation of her finger in her asshole and the pulsating water jets of the showerhead made Allison bite her lower lip while she came hard. Her knees buckled and she nearly collapsed in the bathtub from the earth shattering orgasm she just experienced. She dropped the shower head to catch herself from falling and found herself on all fours on her bathtub. She slowly and steadily helped herself up to a standing position and put the showerhead back in its place on the wall. She finished her shower and made sure to wash every soapy inch of her body. Allison stepped out of the shower and toweled herself dry. She exited the bathroom without hesitation and made her way to the bedroom. Carefully avoiding her mother. There she put on a fresh pair of cotton panties and a clean white T shirt from her wardrobe. And crawled into bed. Now her vagina and anus were sore from being abused today. She welcomed her bed and the comfort it provided. She slowly crawled under her comforter. "Ding!" It was her phone. And it was a message from "Unknown." She opened her phone and saw the message. It was a picture of her and her mouth open with a pool full of white milky liquid. Oh it's the picture that Rob had taken while she sat on the toilet and Rob had come in her mouth. "How ya doing, Jade?" the message said myfreecams. Allison replied: "I'm great master. I just came out the shower and now I'm in bed. I'm still reeling from what happened today. Don't worry, I wont tell anyone. In fact..." Allison kicked off the comforter and pulled the hem of her underwear up and away from her body. There she was laying on the bed with her legs up and bent at the knees and she took a pic from where she lay downward into her open panties. "Click." She pressed send. And gave a wicked little smile. "I hope you like what you see, Master." Rob, upon seeing the picture Allison sent flashed a huge smile and texted back, "That's a good SLUT! It's late I'm going to bed. Save my number under Master. I'll text you tomorrow." Allison received her reply from Rob and gleefully read the message. She put her phone to the side and closed her eyes. She was spent. And off to sleep she went. Allison awoke the next morning. She woke up with her hand inside of her panties and the comforter kicked off of her and on the floor. She felt around with her fingers and felt that her vagina was still sore from the torrid sex with Rob. She jumped out of bed and muttered to herself "Shit." She was late for school. She screamed out to her mother but she was gone. Gone to open the store and start a busy day of work. Allison put on her uniform and made sure she was dressed as per the school guidelines. That meant the bottom hem of her skirt was at the top of her knees and her white blouse was tucked into that skirt. She hurried out of the door and made sure she grabbed her keys this time. She rushed out of her apartment building sprinting towards the bus. Luckily she made it to the bus and was able to hop on. Twenty minutes later she arrived at the school. She had already missed her first class and the monitor in the hall was more than happy to report her to counselor to have her report to the principal's office. "Allison Kim, this is a first. You're normally the first one to all your classes." Mr Grant spoke, spoke sitting in his chair. "I'm sorry Mr Grant. I overslept today!" "It's okay Allison, you're a good student and a great cheerleader. Probably one of the best ones I've seen in a while. I can overlook this small mistake. Just don't let it happen again." "Thank you so much! Mr Smith!" Allison gleefully said out loud. With that Mr Smith stood up out of this majestic leather chair and walked over to Allison. His tall 6'5 figure towered over Allison and his grey suit was custom tailored to his thick physique. He stood in front of Allison and extended his hand out to her to shake. Allison obliged him and shook his hand. He was firm with his shake and she was firm with hers, though her hand was engulfed in his. Mr Smith looked down at her and while shaking her hand and noticed that the top three buttons of her white blouse was unbuttoned and he could peer down into her cleavage. Good lord, he thought to himself. They look better up close than from afar while watching her at cheerleading practice. He wondered how big they were, and how magnificent her nipples must look. But he composed himself. He paced around her and inspected her from head to heel, making sure to memorize how she looked. Her half asian features and bottle shaped figure left quite an impression. He felt the movement in his trousers. "Oh, it looks like you're out of uniform, Allison." and he looked down at her. "Oh I'm sorry!" Allison embarrassed and her flushed face looked down to see that her top three buttons on her blouse were undone. She hurried and buttoned her buttons up; looking down and while she nervously buttoned and raised her head; she slowly tilted her head up and noticed Mr Smith's bulge in his pants. The tailored pants were tight against his body and she could see the bulge in his pants trying to form. It reminded her of Rob's well endowment. She gave a little smirk to herself and wondered was this because of her? Mr Smith was probably older than Rob. His graying hair and clean features of his face have always been the talk amongst the teachers in the school. His tall and sculpted frame was always an attention getter from all female staff in the school. There were rumors of him ravaging a few teachers in his office during and after school hours, but rumors of course, were hand to be based on something. Allison left Mr Smith's office and hurried into the nearest bathroom she could find. The bulge she saw in Mr Smith's pants started the churning feeling in the bottom of her stomach again. Her pussy was still sore from yesterday but she felt herself getting wet. She moved herself into the furthest stall and locked the latch. Putting the seat down on the toilet she sat and pulled her panties down and at that moment her phone vibrated. "Hello Jade, good morning." It was a text from Rob. "Hello Master. I'm in school now. In the bathroom" Allison typed while sitting on the toilet. "Good. I want you to focus and be a good girl." Rob replied. "I want to be a good slut, Master. My pussy is still so sore. I cant stop thinking about your cock, Master." "Splendid, SLUT. You're in the bathroom? Take a picture like you sent me of last night. Now." Allison leaned back and spread her legs and braced herself against the door of the bathroom stall with her feet. She lifted her skirt and took a picture of her still sore and swollen pussy. She took multiple pictures of herself with her fingers manipulated her sore and tender pussy. Allison bit her lower lip while she rubbed herself in circles while taking pictures of herself. Slowly inserting her middle finger in and out of her tight half Asian half white vagina. She must have sent a good 15 pictures of her spread pussy to Rob. Pictures of her fingers inside of herself and angled so that her face could be seen in the pictures. Allison came while masturbating. Her whimpers could almost be heard if anyone was walking by. Good thing there was no one there, to her knowledge. "Fantastic. Come by later after school. Understand, slut?" Rob texted back. "Yes, Master." Allison texted back, coming down from the orgasm that just shook her body while devilishly smirking. And with that she heard the bell ring to signal the changing of classes. She stood up in the stall and readied herself to go to the next class. She pulled her skirt down and thought about putting on her underwear but she decided to just leave it hanging on the hook of the bathroom stall door. It seem like such a hindrance anyway...

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