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She cried out in surprised pleasure as he nuzzled her wet vulva, spreading her juices around her cunny with his tongue and mustache. He purred like a giant cat, the low, pleasured rumblings emanating from his throat and traveling through his muscular neck and jaw to vibrate maddeningly against her sensitive girl bits as he licked slowly up her slit, thirstily swallowing her nectar down like a castaway who'd just discovered an enchanted rivulet of life-giving water best anime gifs His hands firmly held the backs of her thighs, keeping her still and spreading her open for his feast. He drove her mad as he alternated between spells of gentle, almost dainty kisses and licks that politely explored every little fold and crevice of her secret parts and sent her into uncharted paroxysms of need, and other moments when he would seem to nearly lose control of himself, and would furiously attack her cunny like a wild animal, growling and licking and even carefully taking her juicy outer lips between his gleaming teeth and shaking them, growling like a playful puppy as he reveled in the young girl's perfect, award-winning cunny. Jennifer had never had anyone so enthusiastic or thorough in their appreciation for having her vagina under their tongue, and she was blown away by how good she felt best hentai gifs As Captain Davis took each of her delicate inner labia between his lips and gently sucked on them, pulling slowly away after a moment and reluctantly allowing the tender skirts of girl-flesh to slip delectably through his lips as he cleaned them of her considerable secretions, his crafty tongue dipping occasionally and without warning into her entrance and causing it to contract pleasantly, she shuddered and bucked and nearly came; each time she got close, however, the captain would stop what he was doing and simply kiss the backs of her thighs or her tummy until she slowed down a little, infuriating her to no end as the frustration and anticipation for her third orgasm of the day grew unbearable. She began to try to figure out ways to cum without tipping him off; she was losing her capacity for constructive thought as Jack continued to please himself with her, and she did everything she could think of to push herself to orgasm despite his masterful control—but it was no use. Somehow he always knew exactly how far he could push her, and precisely the moment to break away from his favorite new toy, and where and how to touch her next to just sufficiently disrupt her mounting arousal so that while she was prevented decisively from climaxing, she also couldn't escape the crying need forming in her young body. Looking over from where he was now enthusiastically rutting his granddaughter, his pale wrinkled hands gleefully squeezing her full breasts while her bright pink nipples poked out delightfully from between his ecstatic old fingers, Martin laughed in hearty approval at the desperate, pleading sounds Jennifer's tortured body was making while his brother feasted himself on her. Jack finally rose from his task, his black beard glistening and dripping now with the proof of Jennifer's urgent need to be fucked and a giant grin on his face, and rolled the tormented girl to her side on the couch. She lay now like a hogtied calf, her wrists and ankles bound charmingly together and hanging off the edge of the sofa, her rich brunette hair spread gloriously behind her on the creamy upholstery, her naked body alight with possibility and pleasure, and her gaze widening into awe once again as she watched Captain Davis undress. He pulled his black polo over his immense shoulders with both arms, and as he raised it over his head his nearly inhuman frame filled Jennifer's eyes. He was a massive man, and while he had a bit of a belly simply by virtue of being so large a human, he had surprising definition in his stomach, and the deep muscles of his mighty torso flexed and sprung as he ripped his shirt from his body. Intricate tattoos of ships and sea life and sexy naked girls covered his shoulders and arms and flashed across the vast musculature of his chest, and a fine gold chain around his tree trunk of a neck held a St. Christopher medallion. Like his brother, he was a hairy man, but his coat was finer, of a dark black instead of Martin's snowy white, and was more concentrated in certain areas than his brother's nearly uniform fur. A large region covered his chest as well as his shoulders, and an untamed cohort marched triumphantly along the rolling topography of his abdominals toward the prize between his muscular thighs, and as Jennifer's gaze followed it down, she caught her breath. The skin of his genitals was significantly darker even then the rest of his deeply sun-weathered body, and two massive testicles hung with a palpable weight, the skin of his scrotum seeming to strain to support them, from the most extraordinary penis Jennifer had seen in her short life thus far. He was huge and thick. Sweeping upward in a powerful, scimitar-like arc, his erection was so full of his hot blood that the skin seemed stretched to its maximal capacity, and crinkled and strained translucently to manage the demands of his great arousal. His urethra ran, clearly visible like a length of industrial pipe, along the bottom of his penis; Jennifer had a visceral image spring to her mind of the enormous volume of semen a piece of such robustly engineered equipment was meant to handle. At the tip it merged with his glans, which was unusually large and well-defined; his crown flared dramatically behind and promised unspeakably intimate pleasures to the vaginas it chose to penetrate. Jennifer was overwhelmed again by dozens of thoughts and feelings and desires. She was terrified once more—she was not at all certain she could even actually take a penis of that size safely, and despite the great care and consideration the Captain seemed to have shown her thus far, she was also far from certain that would make a difference to this beast of a man. Even if he didn't hurt her on purpose, an accidental movement could easily injure her if he wasn't careful, and she could sense all to clearly how powerfully he was becoming overtaken by his animalistic desire for her. Yet she was also becoming similarly overcome, and even her most prudent inner voices were getting drowned out by her young body's ancient and natural hunger to be bred by a truly dominant male. She had to keep him here, keep him focused on her, keep him feeling good, until she could get him to release all of his cum in her. It was all she really cared about now. Captain Davis stepped close to her again, his full, heavy balls swinging like a bulldog's under his erection as he walked, and she melted as she imagined how much thick, creamy semen waited inside this man for her if she did her job well as a trainee for him. 'Little thing, here's what we're going to do now,' he said gently, one hand on her cheek and the other slowly stroking his cock, his precum streaming from its head and rolling over his fingers. In a lesson the other day, a man had taught Jennifer how to slowly gyrate her hips while she held him deep inside her in cowgirl position and he'd caressed her tummy with his fingers, and she'd been transported by the delicious, deep sensations she found. Despite how pleasurable that had been, however, Captain Davis' cock was in a different league than her other trainer's altogether, and the vision of trying her new trick on this stunning piece, and feeling its large, inquisitive head swirling slowly about in her furthest reaches, was enough to draw an involuntary cry from her parched throat. With an understanding smile, the captain continued. I'm going to penetrate your cunny as deeply as I can in one stroke, and you will clean your juices from my cock with your mouth. Then I will give you two deep thrusts before having you clean me, then three, and four, and so on. You will count the strokes for me, and we will continue this until we cannot complete the appropriate number of thrusts without you cumming. Do you understand?' Jennifer's face fell and she whimpered in frustration. 'You mean I'm not allowed to have an orgasm, Captain Davis?' 'Dear girl, you may cum whenever you wish. But I will be doing my best to prevent it until I decide it's the right time. Remember, while you're bound, anything you do is acceptable, because you can only do the things I allow you to do in your bonds. If you are able to achieve orgasm before I want you to, go ahead. But you'll probably find it harder than you think, as I'll be saving your orgasm for something special later; and as I probably understand how your little body works considerably better than you do at your young age.' Another agonizing flush of moisture flooded Jennifer's vagina as Jack spoke; how on earth could it be possible to get even MORE turned-on without cumming? And yet here she was, feeling like she would die of arousal if she didn't get fucked to death first by this man. Jack stepped to her nethers, positioned his cock with the head nestled just inside her inner lips, took a solid grip of her hip where she lay on her side, and pressed himself firmly into her. Jennifer screamed out and bucked, but there was nowhere for her to go in her bonds, and Jack paused at his depth, holding her firmly and maintaining pressure against her tender insides as he asked her again, a little more severely, to count. She was terrifically wet and aroused, but her vaginal muscles hadn't been stretched at all today so far, so taking him inside her this quickly, while harmless, was far from comfortable. She fought to focus, and managed to squeak out, 'One, Captain Davis...' Jack had only gone to about half his length on this first stroke, and with raised eyebrows he caught Martin's gaze, where he was working his middle finger deep into Elizabeth's butt as he continued to fuck her vagina from behind in preparation for her double penetration. Martin nodded. 'Yes, she's terrifically tight at first,' he told his brother, 'but she actually has fantastic capacity, as well. You're probably about the biggest she's had so far, so I'd go a little slow and take your time stretching her out if I were you. It'll be worth it, I can promise you that. I'm pretty sure she'll be able to take all of you in there if you're careful.' Jack agreed, pulled his penis out of Jennifer's body, and stepped to her front end, offering the beautiful girl his cock and instructing her to clean it for him. She eagerly complied, using her pink tongue to lap up all the shining juices from his shaft she could, before taking the yummy head in her mouth to suck the remaining bits of her cream from around the crown. She'd never been so wound up by a penis before, and she couldn't believe how much she loved having Captain Davis' cock in her mouth. His thrust into her body had been a little rough and painful, but licking and kissing his penis made her feel so warm and cozy, even for a girl who already liked sucking men's penises. Before she could really settle into a rhythm, however, he pulled his cock away from her disbelieving lips, stepped back to her pussy, and gave her two stiff, ramming strokes, which she counted in matching gasps, before returning again and telling her to clean him well. By the fourth round of this Jennifer was losing all control; Jack's technique was calibrated to ruin a girl's self possession. The few thrusts at each time were simply not enough for a girl to cum, and were in fact mostly painful until after the first four or five, when they became intensely stimulating to a properly primed female. A girl would typically clean his cock slowly at first, in an effort to buy more time before he roughly penetrated her for another round, and he would greatly enjoy the sensual, thorough job she would do with her tongue. Tasting her own juices repeatedly, however, simply created a feedback loop of arousal; even if her pussy was sore, she was obviously turned on because she could taste how her body was responding to what she might have otherwise considered too rough a fucking, and this simply turned her on even more. As additional thrusts were added to each round, it also became clearer to a girl how hard she would eventually cum if she could keep him inside her long enough, and her lingual ministrations grew more frantic and impassioned as she rushed to clean her nectar from his cock as quickly as possible so he would put it back inside her vagina; being forced to count out loud for Jack made it even harder to elude the merciless mathematics of her orgasmic race. Her haste was continually stymied, however, by the fact that she kept making ever more of a shameless mess on him, as well as the fact that each round saw him penetrate her more deeply, which meant more soiled real estate that she was responsible for cleaning. Obviously this was delightful for him as well, and the game turned into a lovely little diversion of altering his tempo and force to continually drive deeper into the young thing without allowing her sufficient control to climax, and enjoying her charmingly attentive efforts with her tongue and lips as she frantically tried to achieve orgasm. Beyond this, however, it was a valuable exercise for familiarizing a girl with the two essential aspects of her new relationship with the penis: the stern, remorseless imperative invader of her young body for nonnegotiable purposes of procreative or disciplinary necessity; and the friendly, delicious, and deeply pleasurable friend that made her feel lovelier than she'd ever thought possible until just these last few weeks of her young life. It was generally agreed that a girl couldn't be considered properly trained until she had begun to master both of these aspects, and learned to be adept at switching from one mode of service and appreciation for cock to the other as the needs of her lessons and trainers changed. At eight strokes he felt her begin to seriously edge toward her climax, and he began pausing randomly between thrusts, slowing down or speeding up, and prying her butt cheek up to fully appreciate the timeless beauty in how the glistening, irregularly cabled surface of his shaft ran smoothly in and out of her body, her labia sticking sweetly to it as they slid lovingly along its great length. Her vagina was absolutely exquisite, and he told her so after kissing her sweetly for a moment and telling her she was doing a really good job. Jennifer wanted to politely kiss him back and thank him for training her so well, but she had been pushed to the brink, and Captain Davis' lips touching hers sent her body into a deep shudder of pre-orgasmic torment. He felt another unexpected surge of emotion as he held her head and pressed her beautiful mouth against his, tasting her sweet tongue and hearing her whimper of need, before rising and instructing her to clean his dripping cock one more time, and to do a good job because he was going to go train Elizabeth for a little bit now. Jennifer was crestfallen; she'd thought he was about to fuck her in earnest and grant her some relief, and her heart dropped as she realized he was leaving her, and taking away this beautiful, savage implement she was coming to be obsessed with—but not before he made her take extra good care of him one more time. 'No, no, no, no, no...' she thought, as she confusedly alternated between slowly, sadly licking him to communicate how badly she wanted him to stay, and frantically kissing his balls and bobbing her head on his erection in an effort to do so good a job he wouldn't want to leave. Jack just smiled and brushed the hair from her brow as she lapped up the last of her juices, and turned and walked away toward Elizabeth and Martin, leaving Jennifer forlorn and hogtied and in a haze of arousal and frustration and a feeling so unfamiliar to her she couldn't even readily name it: jealousy. She had grown up with few illusions around her eventual training, and she had always known that she would be trained by many men, and that men trained many, many girls. As far as she was concerned, the men who trained her, and their penises, were a fairly equal, if diverse, array of simple experiences to learn from, and enjoy when possible. The father-daughter party had been a delightful time, and she relished feeling like she was getting better at pleasing men. She had never felt like she wanted a particular cock with such vehemence as this. And she'd never felt this surge of petulant fury that another girl should get to have it used on her, instead. There was nothing she could do but wait, and hope he chose only to enjoy Elizabeth for a short time, and to finish in her own vagina when he was done sampling his neice's. Martin was slowly fucking Elizabeth's butt with a contented smile on his face; his wizened penis bent to the left quite dramatically, and Elizabeth grimaced and moaned as she tried to relax her anus further to ease the passage of her grandfather's gnarled, bumpy cock. Robert caught his brother's eye and signaled that he wasn't ready to switch just quite yet, and that Martin should continue to enjoy himself in his granddaughter's butt, and then he kissed Elizabeth deeply, fondling her full breasts and tasting every corner of her delicious mouth while Martin continued to work her butt with short, slow, powerful strokes. Her pheromones and her responsive nipples confirmed that she would be a pleasant mate for him, and his erect cock rubbed against her belly nearly at the level of her breasts as he bent down and kissed her, leaving glistening fairy trails of his precum lacing across her ribcage as she hung between the two giant brothers. He slowly knelt in front of her, kissing her body and taking a moment to suckle happily on each of her large, sensitive nipples, rolling the deliciously rubbery nubs of her flesh around his tongue and chewing ever-so-gently on them while his brother cupped her big breasts in his hands, helpfully presenting her nipples to Jack so he could more easily enjoy them. Jack thanked him when he'd finished; the teamwork and the unspoken cooperation between them in order to help each other maximize the pleasure they could derive from trainees' bodies was one of his favorite things about training young girls with his brother. As he took a knee in front of his niece, he whispered another little prayer of thanks for the blessing he was about to enjoy, and he drew his giant hands slowly down her soft, warm belly and thighs as he worshipped the holy sight between them. Her splendid golden bush, curly and thick and struck through with a flash of the same pink thrill that danced in her hair, beckoned him with extravagant promises of the pleasure that lay deep within it, and his fingertips and kisses lingered about her lower tummy in the holy no-man's land between her navel and her mons. The poor girl was in an advanced state of arousal and fucking. Her breaths were shallow and halting, her muscles barely held her to her feet, her wrists taking more and more of her body weight as Martin's powerful strokes steadily fucked the control out of her and her body become more and more what it truly was—a beautiful, irresistible repository for men's semen, and a possible bearer of their offspring. Later she would once again be the bubbly, intelligent, motivated science major who would spend her life contributing to our understanding of the universe; but for now, and for much of the rest of the afternoon, she would simply be a spectacular example of the female of the species, just now old enough to fulfill her evolutionary purpose, and a wonderful, pleasing diversion for two older, larger males who needed to release their semen into her, and who also happened to be her grandfather and uncle.

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