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There I was, sitting in the bathroom, on the toilet, with my pants around my ankles, and my hand around already hard cock. It was a really nice bathroom, as far as public bathrooms go. As I sat there stroking my penis, I thought about the events that had led me to this place in order to act on my curiosity about homosexuality. My best friend John and I were seniors together at our local high school. He was openly gay and I was unsure about my sexuality. I never told him that, but I think he kind of knew. Anyway, Like all of the other guys I knew, John would brag about his sexual conquests with guys. I never thought that it was weird seeing as straight guys do it all the time, and he had always told me that he was no different from them except for the fact that he liked cock. He had also mention the bathroom at the park (the one I was currently sitting in) as the place where more than a few of these conquests had occurred safepornsites. One day after my gym class, a few of us went to take a shower. By the time I had gotten in, there was only one person left in there. It was Brian, who was one of the guys on the football team. I don't know what position he played as I am not that big of a football fan. As I stepped in the shower, I noticed that he was turned away from me. I was very, unintentionally, quiet when I walked in. Thinking that he was alone in the shower, he turned around before I could turn on my shower head. As soon as he saw me in there his face immediately turned a deep shade of red. I didn't understand why until my eyes traveled down his hairless chest, over his six pack abs, and to his eight inch long, erect penis. This caused my mouth to hang open in shock for a few seconds. I had never seen one (in real life) that big. The sight of his hard on had also caused a stirring in my groin, and once he saw that I was as hard as he was, he seemed to calm down and continued with his shower. I did the same. A few hours later, as John and I walked home from school together (his house was very close to mine), I was still horny as hell from what had taken place in the shower. I needed to do something about it and more than just the usual masturbation. I wanted someone else to put their hands on my dick and make me cum. "... so we went in the bathroom-," John was saying as he was relaying the details of his latest sex act to me. "The one with the red siding?" I asked, nonchalantly, interrupting his story. "Yeah, that one," he said, and then continued his story, "Then I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He wasn't wearing any underwear so his dick just flopped out onto my face. It was so hot." "Cool." I said, not really paying attention to his story. "You got any plans tonight?" he asked now that his story was over. "No, not really." I said, lying. I just had to figure out if he was going to the park tonight or not. "Do you?" "Yeah, we have to go down to my grandma's." he said. "We're going to be gone until tomorrow night." "Aw, that sucks." I said, but on the inside I was happy as could be that I could go to that bathroom and act on my urges without him knowing. A few minutes later, we parted ways as he walked up to his house and I walked down a few more to mine. My mom had just left for work before I got there, as she usually does, and would not be home until late tonight. I sat on the couch and watched some TV and, as I was watching, I saw John and his family get into their car and leave. I continued watching until about seven thirty when I t started to get dark. Then I walked out of the house, locking and closing the door behind me, and headed for the bathroom at the park. So, that's how I got here, sitting alone in a public bathroom at eight-o-clock at night, and jacking my cock. The way John had talked about this place, he always made it seem as though guys were always cruising this bathroom looking for a fuck or a blowjob. But, I had been sitting here for about a half hour masturbating and there was nobody here. So, I figured I would just shoot my load and then head back to my house. "Oh, fuck." I whispered to myself as I felt my balls tighten up and cum start to gush out the end of my cock. My semen shot a good two feet from where I was sitting, only to hit the center of the stall door. I was sitting there coming down from my orgasmic bliss when I heard someone come in the bathroom. I heard them walk over to the stall I was in and try to open it. When they realized it was locked, they quickly went to the stall next to mine and I heard them shut the door and lock it. Then I heard the ruffling of hands on jeans and the metallic sound of his zipper as he unzipped his pants. My heart was pounding now and I could not take my eyes off of the gloryhole that had been cut between our two stalls. My plan had been to put my cock through there and hopefully get it sucked, but now I found myself wondering what it would be like to be the one sucking the cock. I was silently hoping that I would see his dick slide through it. After a few minutes, in which it seemed that the guy in the other stall was trying to gain his composure, my desires were satisfied. Slowly, one of the biggest dicks that I had ever seen in real life slid through the hole and into my stall. I was a little shocked at first and I did not know what I should do. My mind was racing and I was asking myself if I really wanted to go through with this, but my body was acting of it's own accord now as my hand slowly started to move toward the monster that was now about a foot from my face. My hand finally reached the strangers warm, erect, man meat and, by that time, my own penis was rock hard again even though I had just cum mere minutes before this guys entered the bathroom. I started to stroke his cock and precum instantly started to leak out of the tip. I looked at the drop that was getting ready to fall to the floor, and realized that I wanted to taste it. When I realized this, I also realized that my face was no longer a foot away and that I had subconsciously moved to where I was just an inch or two away. I stuck out my tongue and touched it to the underside of his cock head and licked up to the tip, catching the clear liquid on my tongue and enjoying the taste. As I did this, I heard a very audible moan come from his stall and I smiled at the thought that I was giving this man the pleasure he needed. I eventually found my lips wrapped around his dick with about four of his eight inches in my mouth. By this point my cock was leaking more precum than it ever head before, as my head bobbed up and down on his dick. This was definitely not going to be the last time that I sucked a dick, that was for sure. After what felt like an eternity, I heard a familiar voice say, "If you keep doing that I'm going to cum." I stopped out of fear with his penis still in my mouth: I knew that voice. That was Brian's voice. What if he found out that I was the one who was sucking his dick? What if he told other people at school? I had long ago accepted the fact that I may be gay and I was alright with that, but, if I was, I wanted to come out on my own terms. Then it hit me: he was in a men's bathroom getting his dick sucked. He would have to have been stupid if he thought that the person who currently has his dick in there mouth, was not a man. I then realized that he probably didn't want others to know, as much as I didn't want others to know. With that realization, came the secondary realization that I was about ten times hornier than I was before and that sucking Brian's cock, while pleasurable, was not going to give me the release I needed. So, I pulled his saliva covered penis out of my mouth and stood up. I stepped out of the pants and underwear that were still bunched around my ankles, and turned so that my ass was facing his cock. I spit in my hand and reached behind me to grab his cock and, giving it a couple of strokes to help lube it up, guided it to my asshole. "Oh, fuck!" we both said in unison as the pleasure hit us at the same time. "Did you just put my dick in your ass?" Brian asked. "Yes." I answered. "I want you to fuck me!" I felt his cock start to slid in and out of my tight, virgin asshole. It felt like nothing that I had ever felt before. It was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my young life so far (and by the sound of his moans, the same was true for Brian). I wrapped a hand around my own erection and started pumping it up and down in time with Brian's thrusts. Eventually, I got very close to cumming. "I'm going to cum!" I shouted, as my dick began to spasm and my sphincter clamped down on his cock. "So am I!" he yelled Just as my first shot of semen blasted out and landed on the floor, he started to unload inside my ass. It felt like my rectum was being filled with lava, it was so hot, however, it was not painful but relaxing. We were both moaning until our orgasms eventually subsided. When I looked down at the floor, I saw that there was a huge puddle of my cum just laying there and I smiled wondering what the next person to use this stall with think when they saw it. He eventually pulled out and saying, "Thanks," put his cock away, zipped up, and left the bathroom with me still in there. With his cum still in my ass, I pulled my underwear and pants back on and left as well, heading for my house. It was now nine thirty at night and my mom would be home any minute. I didn't want her to know that I had been out this late.

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