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Prior to microcomputers, the machine manufacturer generally provided an operating system and compilers for several programming languages. The calling convention(s) for each platform were those defined by the manufacturer's programming tools. Typically __fastcall calling conventions pass one or more arguments in registers which reduces the number of memory accesses required for the call.

I'm a web and desktop developer, mainly C++ using Qt, C#, Python, PHP and HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. I love IT, computers, complex and well thought code.

Somehow I selected __fastcall as my nickname. MediaWiki does not allow underscores, so I use it without them. __fastcall is correct.

Besides that I appreciate mother nature, and it's interesting life forms. I'm not a normal developer stereotype per se, I work 8-9 hours per day as one.

After the work I prefer living a life without monitors and displays.

Nothing is more refreshing than a walk through a forest, or a lazy day in the garden.

I also like to go dirt biking (That type of dirt biking where you don't have a motor on board and need to use your muscles to get forward).

Psychedelics changed a lot in my personality. Its amazing what these substances are capable of.

I think it's a great present from nature to humanity and everyone who want's to get in touch with a psychedelic experience should have access to it.

That's why I'm here. That's why I help here out. Knowledge is power.