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November 19th

About me

I developed at a young age. Definitely before all the girls in my school. Somewhere around twelve I noticed that grown men already looked at me like I was a woman. My step dad would make comments about my body being "better than your mom's". I had the biggest boobs in my middle school and I was the only one of my friends that had to shave my legs and arm pits. I continued to develop over the next several years. By the time I hit eighteen I was 5' 7" tall, had long reddish hair, green eyes, full perky D cup boobs, small waist with a firm ass, and long fit legs. Around this time I picked up the habit of showing off in public, or flashing. I would dress in short dresses or skirts, loose tops, and no panties, and go to the mall and give guys naughty peaks. My friends would call me a cock tease. I especially loved teasing the guys that worked at the mall. Honestly, I would get free stuff just by showing off a little bit 1080ppornlist. Jack was a pretty nerdy guy that worked at the electronics store inside the mall. I loved going in to ask about a new phone charger and leaning over the glass at the register for a few minutes looking at the various colors while Jack surveyed my tits. Next thing you know he would give me that new charger. Or sometimes I would sit on the bench outside his store and have my legs spread just far enough to show him my hairless pussy. There was a cute boy that worked at the cookie stand. I could get free sweets everyday he worked just by giving him a smile and a look down my top. Then there's the guy at the pretzel place, Ken at the sunglass store, and Thomas that owned the sports memorabilia shop. All of them would get a look at my body when I would "accidentally" show too much. And all of them would give me the various things I wanted from them. What all the guys that were beneficiaries of my flashing didn't know, is that it turned me on incredibly as well. I would get so wet knowing these guys were looking down at my barely covered tits, staring at my bald pussy, or catching a look at my naked ass. I always went home and masturbated vigorously but sometimes didn't even leave the parking lot of the mall before I had fingers probing my soaking cunt. One day I went to the mall with one of my besties, Maddy. I was dressed in my usual sexy revealing way, a short jean skirt with an almost see thru blouse and high heels, no panties, a cheap thin bra that couldn't come close to containing my big breasts, and feeling very mischievous. We walked around and I noticed plenty of married men checking me out, several getting slapped on the arm by their wife. Young guys were asking for my phone number and even old guys were trying to get a good look at my body. But that day I wanted to play with Jack. I went into the electronics store and went right over to Jack. I made small talk and then told him I needed another car charger for my phone. Jack was over 6' tall so standing by him gave him a great look down my top and he couldn't take his eyes off of my tan boobs. Then I walked over to the rack with ear buds and bent over to look at the pairs all the way at the bottom. I could feel his eyes focused on my ass as my skirt rode up. Maddy was pissed that I was teasing Jack so much. She told me that it was cruel because he's so nerdy and probably had never been laid. I couldn't resist though. To me if he was a virgin then he probably wanted me that much more and that made me insanely wet. And I was giving him good stuff to put in his spank bank, so it worked out for both of us. We ended up running into Maddy's boyfriend and he begged her to go home with him. So she took off with Dan leaving me to flirt and tease without her bugging me about it. After doing some shopping and walking around making guys horny for a couple hours, I decided to leave, but thought I'd give Jack one last look at my goods. I went over to the store he worked at but Jack wasn't there. I asked the girl that worked there and through a dirty look she told me he'd left for the day. So I just thought I'd go home and take care of myself before I went out that night. I plopped down in the drivers seat of my car and my tiny skirt rode up exposing my wet pussy. Before I even started the car I spread my legs a little and gave myself some attention with my fingers. I was so horned up and it felt so good that I laid my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes for a second to enjoy a quick orgasm. Suddenly my car door flew open and a strong hand grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of my seat. Before I knew what was happening there was a man holding me against him, one strong arm wrapped around my torso and one hand over my mouth. He was far too strong for me to even wiggle much. He walked with me dangling from his front side over to a van and threw me inside the already opened side door. He was immediately inside with the door shut and pinning me down. He had both my wrists contained with one of his hands, one of his knees between my legs holding one leg down, and his other hand pushing down on my opposite leg. I couldn't move. "Who the hell do you think you're fucking with Tori?!" The mans voice was slightly recognizable but I couldn't quite put my finger on who it was. My hair was all over my face and I could barely see through it. He knew my name so I must know him. "I don't know what you're talking about but I'm sorry if I did something to you!" That was all I could think of to say. Although I was going down a list in my mind of any men that I may have pissed off hotmyfreecams. "You think you're so fucking hot prancing around showing off your body and giving every guy a hard cock. I'm sure you laugh about it when you get home. All the poor losers lusting over you. You throw out a morsel and then pull back any hope of getting a bite!" The man growled at me. "I'm sorry. I don't laugh. I didn't mean to tease you. Who are you?" Of course I knew now that I had brought this on. Not that he has any right to hold me here but I definitely provoked this man at some point. "Well guess what baby? No more hoping for me, I'm taking what I want!" He said greedily while tearing my blouse wide open. He quickly began pawing at my tits. "Please just let me go! I swear I'll never show off my body again!" I pleaded with the strong man. "Oh you're going to more than show it off right here and right now." He said calmly while pulling at my erect nipples. "I'm taking what I want for every guy that has gone home and jacked off after being teased by you." He rolled me onto my side and finished pulling my shirt off, my tiny thin bra went with it. He also grabbed my shirt jean skirt and yanked it up off my hips and onto my waist. He still held my wrists tightly together in one hand and I heard his other hand unzip his own jeans and he fumbled around pushing them down his legs and off his feet. He positioned himself on his knees next to me and pulled me over onto my back again. My hair whipped over off of my face and I saw the man looking down at me. From my view I saw his big hard dick about a foot from my face in focus, and his dark face out of focus beyond his manhood. I had to close my eyes to readjust my vision to make out his face. It was Jack! "Suck it. Now!" Jack's hard cock shook back and forth as he shouted. "Jack please don't do this! I'm sorry!" I screamed. Even though I loved dressing slutty and teasing guys I really wasn't a promiscuous girl. I had only been with 3 guys and had sex maybe 2 dozen times. "You obviously wanted to get my dick hard and now it's hard. Now please, don't make me force you to do this. Suck my dick right now." His voice was calm again and he was still pinning my wrists together. His other hand started exploring my crotch. I felt helpless but at the same time responsible for my predicament. Jack was so strong I couldn't move and so worked up from all the flashing I'd done around him the past months. His big dick was still jutting out in front of him but he stopped yelling at me since he was concentrating on getting my legs spread enough to finger my pussy. "I'm going to let go of your wrists and you're going to start sucking me." Jack told me matter of factly. "Don't scream, fight, or bite." And with that he let go of my wrists and began to use that hand to play with my tits. I wasn't as scared now that Jack was talking calmly. I was fairly certain that he wouldn't hurt me and since this frustration he was harboring was my fault I decided that I owed him. And he had a really nice looking dick! I put one of my hands on his hip and used it to help lift my head up to his dick. My other hand reached out to his heavy balls and I began to massage them. I took the enormous purple head of Jack's dick in my mouth and an immediate rush of energy flowed between my legs. His dick was the biggest I'd ever seen in person and it stretched my mouth as I slid down onto his shaft. "That feels so fucking good." Jack assured me. "I've wanted you for a long time." He added. Between hearing how much Jack desired me, sucking on his sexy dick, and his fingers probing my honey hole, I began to experience an orgasm. I had been worked up from the past couple hours of flirting and flashing and I was as ready to release as Jack was. I gently pushed Jack to signal to him to lay on his back while never taking my mouth off his cock. He laid back on the floor of his van and gave me a much better angle to service his fuck pole. I was very horny now and stepped my game up for my admirer. "Tori you're so sexy and beautiful. I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted to be with you." Jack talked to me as I bobbed up and down. I kept one hand on his balls and it wasn't long before I felt them tighten up. "Tori I'm going to cum!" Jack grunted. I squeezed his balls gently, stroked the base of his shaft, and circled my tongue on his yummy dick as I held it in my mouth. Jack's hands folded tight into fists, his legs straightened, his body convulsed, and he snorted like a wild stallion as his huge dick started pumping its hot spunk into my mouth. I swallowed and sucked and he kept cumming more than I'd ever known was possible. I couldn't swallow it all and his hot jizz was escaping from the corners of my mouth and running down his gorgeous thick shaft. I kept sucking and licking to expel all of his salty cum. "Oh my god I've never experienced anything like that!" Jack admitted. "I'm sorry Tori but you drove me so crazy I lost my mind." I sat up with cum still on my chin and looked at Jack. "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't be showing my body off to guys and not expecting it to drive them to do something." I confessed. "And Jack, I want you to know that I'm not a whore. I know I like to dress slutty but I'm not like that." "I get it I suppose. And I'm a virgin. You would get me so horny when you would come by that I would masturbate all the time thinking if you!" Jack told me. "You are! A virgin! Really?" I said looking back down at his magnificent cock still glistening from my saliva and his cum. "How about we fix that!!" I said as I leaned over and started to lick his cock. Jack's fingers found my pussy as I knelt beside him and he pushed them inside me. I pushed back against his hand so he knew I was enjoying what he was doing. After a minute or two his cock was rock hard again and ready for action. I climbed up on top of my new lover and held his big cock up to the entrance to my love tunnel. We looked into each other's eyes and I lowered myself all the way down onto his dick until my lips wrapped around the base. His magnum sized cock gave me twinges of pain and shots of ecstasy. Jacks eyes grew as big as saucers and he instinctively reached for my hanging D cups. I began to bounce up and down on his thick cock, Jack juggled my large boobs, and it wasn't long before I had another orgasm. I wasn't sure how long Jack would last so I asked him what he wanted. "I want to put you on your back and fuck you." Jack said. I figured maybe that was how he had pictured our sex the many times he jacked off thinking of me.

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