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LSD-25, N,N-DMT, & Miprocin (4-HO-MiPT)

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Seattle, WA,


Bethlehem, PA,



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Jackson, NJ - Bethlehem, PA - Hellertown, PA

Delray Beach, FL - Seattle, WA

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I'm a 27 yr. old male living in Seattle. I am an avid supporter of psychedelic research and their use as potentially therapeutic agents with a huge array of uses. I personally use psychedelics because the states of consciousness they induce are very therapeutic in addition to "just" being fascinating, fun, & feeling great. They have helped me become a better person by showing me how truly interconnected EVERYTHING really is, humbling my massive ego, and removing my fear of death. (To name just a few.)

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posted 2521 days ago

Hi DayTripper711. I just wanted to thank you for the microdosing page you started. Just to let you know, our general policy is to have new pages start off in the "Talk" panel, where it can be worked on and discussed. Once it meets publishing standards it will be moved it into Main. Thanks for understanding =]