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An image of an alcoholic man with delirium tremens on his death bed, surrounded by his terrified and saddened family.

"L'Alcool Tue Lentement. On s'en fout. On n'est pas pressés."

"Alcohol kills slowly."

"We do not care."

"We are not in a hurry."

But we should be.

Millions die from alcohol-related events each year, especially alcohol withdrawal and drunk driving incidents.

Alcohol withdrawal is manageable. It is treatable. The dead could have been saved, but we did not care, nor were we in a hurry. We didn't know,

but now we do. If you know someone who has died due to alcohol withdrawal or a DUI accident,

take a moment to honor their memory. They were likely a troubled soul, one using alcohol to escape the hassle of their daily life. They did not deserve to die the painful way they did.

If you know someone addicted to alcohol, help them. It is not too late, but it may soon be.

On the last note, this is not to demote the use of alcohol. Alcohol is a valuable and historical substance that must be used responsibly.

All with hearts pray, hope, and take action for those addicted to alcohol. Good bye.