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5:30 Took 11mg of 2c-p in liquid solution, waiting for comeup and going to be listening to music soon.

7:07 First alerts, I did eat before this and I'm starting to feel it coming on slowly.

7:23 This is slowly building, really enjoying this music, I feel relaxed and well, I feel happy and as if alot of my anxiety is subsided yet abstract thoughts build much easier and concepts are visualized easier. I'm starting to notice a better connection to my body and notice it a bit more."

8:07 Took about 2-3mg extra, at a +2 coming up nice and steady. Music is so nice and talking is so much more interesting and fun, already pronounced psychedelic effects an

8:55 Tripping pretty hard colors way more pronounced the world is very vivid and bright and surreal in a very pronounced way, I am tripping rather hard at this point at about a +3 I would say. I am quite spun and I feel very good and this is highly trippy and so intricately layered cognitively and visually

9:10 Grateful Dead is becoming so intricate that I could cry over how beautiful the band is, listening to "Eyes of the World" and "Crazy fingers" is so nice, the body high is quite pronounced as an intricate type of electric sensation that spreads throughout the body, am noticing quite pronounced visual effect much more pronounced than most and they come about in quite an organic fashion. Music perception is far beyond anything that could possibly reached sober or stoned and I can feel the emotional and intellectual intent of every line in the music.

9:45 Visual distortions becoming quite intense and fluid like mushrooms, thoughts so calm and flow so well into one another, the fluidity of my thoughts, its becoming hard to type and words are becoming meaningless as vivid concepts take over and replace the the world with bright shifting melting concepts of utter delight.

10:15 This just keeps rising,

10:48 I love it it is quite a beautiful drug stronger than lsd in many aspects and I have no disagreements with it in any way, its just sheer beauty and cognitive amplification is very clear and present with strong enactogenic effects and introspection But I become lost within it all aswell.

6:30am Still tripping pretty hard, this log has been hard to keep up with but I have learned alot, its just hard to integrate concepts into words sometimes, or atleast it takes a bit of time, but what is time? I guess thats a subjective thing, Everything is subjective, but the subjective perspective is part of the collective. I am enraptured by the sheer intensity of this however and find it to be a very valuable substance. This is very good material to work with so intensely psychedelic its hard to keep up and it just keeps going and its so nice I love it all but I just love how much easier this is than 2ce, no nausea no bodily discomfort whatsoever strong open eyed patterning that gives off a contradictory natural/synthetic feel like lsd, the visuals where very morphing and slowly went into eachother by means of slowly morphing and building up out of the air and structuring in a very organic fashion as opposed to the kaleidoscopic bombardment of lsd. I feel this could be quite the sensory overload, but in its own sense more like mushrooms I guess. I feel the cognitive effects are far less stoning and altered like mushrooms and I feel as though alot of this is genuinely occuring and not just a drug induced hallucination. I guess since like is just a simulation in a sense all hallucinations or dreams/lucid dreams are too but I don't even know what I mean by that. The body high is profusely enjoyable and udderly enveloping. The cognitive and visual effects are so intense though they quickly overshadow other effects like that but a strong enhancement of every sense if powerfully felt.