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"You are only allowed to say seven words tonight, Marie. Seven. You must remember them or else I will punish you. Yes, please, harder, softer, faster, slower, more. Do you understand, Marie If you say anything, anything except those seven words I WILL punish you. Repeat them now." His soft teasing nipple caresses contrasted with that look in his eyes. The look of a lion about to feast on its prey. He towered over me, more than usual it seemed, as I timidly tried to repeat the seven words."Softer, harder, faster, slower, yes, please... um, uh... oh shit what is the last one? Oh god Maestro, I know it, I know I do..." I stuttered, intimidated yet horny beyond belief as his eyes burned a hole through me."MORE Marie, that's the word. Are you going to remember it? Are you going to be my good little fuck toy tonight? After you didn't find me another pussy to fuck?""Oh yes, Maestro. I'll remember. I will." I looked up into his amber-green eyes, squeezing his muscular arms as if to reassure him. He cupped my chin in his hands, then kissed me deeply, consuming me in his aura. It was a movie-star kiss, the kind where the hero finally saves the damsel in distress in the final act. It was also in total contrast to what he had planned for me, just on the other side of our hotel room door.The first thing Maestro did after we closed the door, and hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside, was move the king-sized bed to the middle of the room in the front of the balcony. "We have such a beautiful view from up here, Marie. I want you to look out onto the sea when I'm fucking your ass." He then arranged a stack of towels and bottles of water by the side of the bed. (Maestro is a planner, never leaving small details to chance!) Next, he removed his silk ties from his suitcase. He tied two of them to the corners of the bed. "You're going to take that dress off and lay face down on the bed, then I'm going to tie your wrists to the bed. You can still enjoy the view from there." I slipped the dress off and wandered around the corner to the bathroom, thinking (foolishly) that I would brush my hair. "NOW Marie! Why aren't you here on the bed now when I told you to get over here. You wouldn't disobey me, would you?" Maestro stood by the side of the bed naked, his fully erect cock looking ever larger in the moonlight. I scurried towards him, obediently crawling on the bed. "No, Maestro. I'm here, I'll do whatever you wish!" I spread my arms to the corners of the bed. "Like this, Maestro? Is this how you want to tie me up? Is this OK?" I pressed my clit against the sheets, grinding my hips without even realizing it. "Mmmm yes, Marie, my good little pet. That's right, just move your arm a bit this way," he directed calmly, securing both wrists to the bed frame. "Look at you, Marie, you can't wait for me, can you? You're trying to get yourself off on the sheets!" Maestro laughed as he saw me desperately trying to stimulate my clit and pussy. "OK then, your pussy wants some attention? Is that it? Is this what you want, Marie?" I heard the bed creak faintly, and felt his weight joining me on the bed a split second before he pushed two fingers from his right hand deep in my wet waiting pussy. No gently caresses, kisses, or licks first. No, he spread my pussy apart with his two fingers, making it feel like four fingers... at least. Over and over he withdrew his fingers, then rammed them back in, spreading them, pushing his knuckles against my dripping pussy walls. "Aaaagghhh...eeeeahhhhhhh! Motherfucker Maestro my pussy! Oh god my pussy is so full I can't take any more, it's so full!" The shock from his sudden attack subsided quickly as the discomfort switched to pleasure. His twisting, rolling knuckles found every spot in my pussy to make me cum. "Oh yes yes yes pleeeeeaaase more!" I begged, "Oh fuck me!" I lifted my hips off the bed as much as possible, pushing as hard as I could against his magical fingers while displaying my asshole to him. Just as I approached a good hard cum, he withdrew his fingers as quickly as he inserted them. "I won't let you cum yet Marie. No - that was just to warm you up, to make sure you're nice and horny," Maestro teased. "And you said a lot more than those seven words, didn't you? I'll let you off this time, Marie, but you will be punished if you disobey again!" SLAP!! My left ass cheek stung as he spanked me hard, to show me he would carry through on his punishment. Two, three, then four spanks followed, alternating cheeks so both were now red, visible even at night."Oooooooowwwww, ooohhhhh! Yes, please Maestro! More please, more." I lifted my warm, prickly ass up in the air again, begging for more while cognizant of my seven-word limit. "That's not punishment for you baby. I know you like getting spanked too much! That just makes you wetter for me. Just what I want, just what I need - to make sure your asshole gets nice and wet from your pussy drippings before I fuck you." And because Maestro is a man of his word, he deliberately pushed his cock into my pussy, just enough to coat it until he was slippery. "OK Marie, just push your knees up a bit. Let me see that beautiful little hole I stretched out for you this afternoon... let me see your asshole." Maestro shifted into position behind me, placing both hands on my ass cheeks. I instinctively squeezed hard, futilely trying to close my sphincter, to protect myself from his impending onslaught. "Yes you're ready now. Just a couple more spanks, just like that..." His last two slaps landed on my inner thighs, teasingly close to my pussy, smearing the juice dripping from me now.The head of his massive cock probed my anus, gaping only a little so far, only the size of a quarter. Two quick little nudges before one long steady thrust balls deep. "Uhhhh, mmmm, yeeessssss... oh slower Maestro... eeeaaaahhhhh!" My hands gripped the sheets as it seemed like forever for his cock to completely fill me. I forgot my five words, I forgot where we were, I forgot everything except the excruciatingly pleasurable sensation of deep anal penetration by a massive cock! I felt Maestro's stubbly face rub against my back and shoulders as he leaned against me harder, pushing deeper and deeper while not withdrawing an inch.
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