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Message me if you want more contact details. I take privacy seriously.

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I am a Texan phlebotomist currently in school for a BS in Medical Anthropology and Paramedicine. I plan to move onto an MS in Neuroanthropology (with a focus on neuroethnopharmacology) and go into PTSD treatment metaanalysis research to improve the quality of care for patients suffering from post-traumatic stress in various cultures throughout the world by exploring the most effective treatment options available and tailoring their implementation to the respective target culture.

In my downtime, I study neuroscience and pharmacology with an intense passion. I design powerpoint lesson aids for non-majors to study subjects such as the fundamentals of how the brain/nervous system work, how drugs work, and other more advanced topics like cell communication and brain plasticity.

My autodidactic studies focus on the pharmacodynamics of GABAergic and opioid agents.

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