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Creating a safe space fostering collaboration and progress.

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Armodafinil, Concerta, Qualia.

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Kenan Sulayman




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June 3rd


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The evolution of humankind lies in the alteration of consciousness.

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posted 167 days ago

Hey, am I allowed to try to create a page for Methcathinone? I see it was deleted. If it still exists, can I try to update it and can you link it to me please? I have a lto of experience with it? I am aksing since I dont want no troubles

posted 338 days ago

The whole premise of the edit is that it antagonizes the 5-HT2A (, and 5-HT2B ( receptors. The idea that mCPP causes hallucinations is completely made up, as there are no erowid reports with mCPP alone causing them. In fact, the first link in this message explicitly noted that it doesn't have a history of causing them. the reason I didn't include the sci-hub links in the citations is that it seems a bit unprofessional to include a link to what is essentially a piracy site

posted 507 days ago

Hey Kenan,

I was just curios as to why you reverted my change from Google to DuckDuckGo as the "Independent research"-link? (

posted 694 days ago

Hey, I tried to copy the discussion page of lauflumide to actual page, but it stayed empty despite having source code and showing correctly in preview. Must be some bug.

posted 714 days ago

Hey i just wanted to say thank you for editing my experience for me im not too understood in how it works but also i was going to suggest maybe we could make a pychonauts discord or something similar

posted 799 days ago

Continuation of return message; no, i'm not dead lmao

 I have not been here for quite some time due to burnout. After months of doing the same (spergazoids like me get burnt out easily), I lost interest. I believe it's a good time to return to checking recent changes for fuckery and easy fixes. 
 As my phone has been broken since August this year, I have not been able to use telegram much. In addition, I reset my Chrome data, not thinking of the fact that telegram needs phone verification to log in. Henceforth, I shall not be active on Telegram until my phone is fixed/I get a new number.

For correspondence, use my profile's board.

posted 799 days ago

我回了。 Voltei. I've returned.

posted 810 days ago

Hello! After a rather long, unannounced break due to a lot of personal issues, I'm going to be coming back to psychonaut wiki. Just wanted to let you know

posted 828 days ago

Oops! My apologies!