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my phone screen are broken :(
not other, it's me!
Drug of choice
Bicycle need to be ride! :(

And the 3 of June has past and i don't tested it.

Other information
I've never had a psychotic outbreak

They locked me up after taking 15 mg of lorazepam and alegating conduct distortion and in the inform put that i have ingested 4mg

Family Guy, American Dad, La que se avecina
My unique drug with chronic use
If I were schizo the MDMA can cause allucinations and more but no and my doses they oscilated betwen 200-350mg aprox.

The bests days of my life, they remind me of when I was a child, happy (Before starting to consume mdma was worse but mdma change my vision of the life in verious things)

The MDMA on me gives me a oportunity to understand a lot of choices and to integrate in my life but slowly, i havent depresional comedown, i remember the experience and im happy my use isnt only for enjoy the effects
I am putting so many things that they will still lock me in psychiatry
3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate infused Drinks
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August 10th
Trying to reactivate my 5ht7

A fucking psychiatrist treat me as Schizofrenic He doesn't knows me gives me 8mg of Risperidone and 12mg of decentan 6-0-2 and 0-0-12 59kg maybe Psychopath or Autist

Places I have lived
Vigo, GaliZa, Spain

Psychiatry in Alvaro Cunqueiro Vigo, Spain YOU NEED MEDICATION! INVOLUNTARY ADMISSION! 1 & 1/2 months with permission to go to the hall 4 hours in a day with companion and lifetime medication SERGAS sucks

Primary Education and google and indexed pages.
About me
The drugs are a theme that is needed to be decriminalized, need a lot of investigation, are an added can help people in our life.

Any drug are good in the correct dose and with knowledge of their propierties. Drugs can expand the mind and no in mystic things, can show you different visions of a thing and can be interpreted and mixed in a sobriety state. The information of the body receptors are interpreted in the brain and the drugs can alter your vision of the things and with more information you can get closer to veridic interpretation. The addictions start with misunderstanding the drugs.

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