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Account information

See a red laser and lasser beam in the mountain at 3:30 A.M in my heart and in my head and run in discontinuous S in the road the lasser pointed me to the arm and tried to point my head passed sideways but i didn't received a shot :(

Contact details

The bread steam are so useful to see lasser beams and in the head isn't necessary, a immovable lasser pointing me in the mountain after saw a shadow in the bushes can scare me :)

Or on telegram


not other, it's me!

Drug of choice

I can't choose one... I have tried a small amount but the psychedelics(the bests) stimulants and entactogen drugs... MDMA description?... The LSD without abrina please... The MDMA... car filed crystals? Not for me please...

The champagne MDMA have good look but please wash it with chemical cetones... Please the mdma without potassium cyanide... The cocaine without sodium cyanide... The 3-quinuclidynil benzilate without water... The LSD without Abrin or Ricin And ALL DRUGS without prion proteins!

Other information

I've never had a psychotic outbreak

They locked me up after taking 15 mg of lorazepam and alegating conduct distortion and in the inform put that i have ingested 14mg I can't remember after the first lorazepam, buyed this day... A trap?! Jajaja I only remember to take 1mg


Family Guy, American Dad, La que se avecina, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Solar Opposites, TripTank, Jeff and some aliens, Superjail!, Futurama, Brickleberry, Paradise PD


My unique "drug" with chronic use

The music can change A LOT a LSD trip in seconds! Set&Setting isn't a joke



If I were schizo the MDMA can cause hallucinations and more but no and my doses they oscilated betwen 200-350mg aprox.

The bests days of my life, they remind me of when I was a child, happy (Before starting to consume mdma my life was worse but the different drugs changed my vision of the life in various things)

Video games

The life :) my eyes send video to my brain and with drugs are like a game, i like change the textures and the shaders, are the modern minecrafT!! (At 15yo I loved minecraft)


I eat HPPD with my eyes but... controlled HPPD I see movement if i try to see it


3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate infused Drinks

Personal information
Real name





Vigo, Spain


August 10th


Trying to reactivate my 5ht7 i'm joking i dont care much... For now...

Oh fuck, now Sigma-1 fucking Risperidone and Haloperidol

Places I have lived

Vigo, GaliZa, Spain

Psychiatry in Alvaro Cunqueiro Vigo, Spain YOU NEED MEDICATION! INVOLUNTARY ADMISSION! 1 & 1/2 months with permission to go to the hall 4 hours in a day with companion and lifetime medication SERGAS sucks


Primary Education & google and indexed pages.

and the drugs

About me

The drugs are a theme that is needed to be decriminalized, need a lot of investigation, are an added can help people in our life.

Any drug are good in the correct dose and with knowledge of their propierties. Drugs can expand the mind and no in mystic things, can show you different visions of a thing and can be interpreted and mixed in a sobriety state. The information of the body receptors are interpreted in the brain and the drugs can alter your vision of the things and with more information you can get closer to veridic interpretation. The addictions start with misunderstanding the drugs.

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