Echinopsis pachanoi (botany)

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Echinopsis pachanoi (botany)
Starr 070320-5799 Echinopsis pachanoi.jpg
Echinopsis pachanoi in nature
Taxonomical nomenclature
Kingdom Plantae
Unranked Angiosperms
Unranked Eudicots
Unranked Core eudicots
Order Caryophyllales
Family Cactaceae
Genus Echinopsis
Species E. pachanoi
Common nomenclature
Synonyms Trichocereus pachanoi
Common names San Pedro cactus
Active constituents Mescaline, Tyramine, ect.

Echinopsis pachanoi, also known as Trichocereus pachanoi or San pedro cactus, is a fast-growing columnar cactus that founds in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. It contains psychoactive alkaloids like mescaline.


San pedro has 93.5 percent water by it's weight.[1] 0.025%+ of Mescaline[2][1] Trace amount of tyramine[3][2], 0.01% of 3-Methoxytyramine by dry weight[4], Trace amount of Hordenine, 3,4-Dimethoxyphenethylamine, 3-Hydroxy-4,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine[2] and 4-Hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine [3][2]

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