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This page has been moved to an archived sub page in order to make room for the Flow extension.

The substance template implementation can now begin. I am in the process of adding the possibility to add multiple dosage methods to the templates, each with their own dosage ranges.

This is one of the required steps towards transforming PW into more of a database for the future. I am currently doing A LOT of work now, to have MUCH LESS work later. The maintenance will be much less of a headache for the release (1.0) version.


The data included in the templates can be machine-read and should be language-independent as much as possible.


Here is how it works with an example. The page MDMA contains the template Template:Substance.

Including and using the substance template

Here is how to use the template for a new substance. The page should include the Substance template. Some parameters can be omitted if not applicable.