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Spontaneous World Exercise - visualization, communication, dreamscape.

The exercise is this. You're going to do timed sessions with your tulpa where both of you explore a new place in dreamscape. There is no planning, no rehearsal, etc. Its all about you and your tulpa communicating and exploring. You would set the timer for a certain interval (I started off with a couple 1-2 minute sessions then moved up to 5-10 minute ones last night). And once you start that clock immediately enter dreamscape/wonderland/whatever. The scenario is this: You and your tulpa are on an abnormal, undiscovered, or alien world. And you two get to talk and do epic things together while you let you subconscious mind guide the scenario. You have to let things happen naturally without any conscious guiding (besides making decisions based on whats happening). Be quick and spontaneous. And don't worry about screw ups or stumbling, just keep moving forward, and don't worry about how its gonna end. Then when the timer stops, maybe discuss it with your tulpa, take a short break, or dive back in.

Counting exercise - parallel processing, communication

This one is simple, have your tulpa count out loud. Don't worry about counting to a certain number, or for x minutes. Do something, or think about something to divert your focus from their counting. Continue to try and hear their counting while focusing on something else. If they lose count, or if you stop hearing them, move on and keep counting. I would recommend doing this exercise a couple times a day, it is very useful for parallel processing, when the host and the tulpa think of two completely different things. It will help your tulpa communicate with you even when you aren't directly focused on them.

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Simulation theory