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Why is this considered a "traditional" ayahuasca brew? There is NO ayahuasca in this admixture. Ayahuasca REQUIRES the Ayahuasca vine - Banisteripsosis Cappi. The b.cappy vine is called Ayahuasca because it is termed 'The vine of death' or 'The vine of the souls'.

Nowhere in any South American traditional Ayahuasca ceremony will you find Syrian Rue used as the MAOI.

Please update this title to refrain from misleading people. Although it APPEARS to be an excellent concoction for similar effects there is in no way anything resembling traditional recipe portrayed in this page.



Thanks for the comment! We've changed the name of the article from "Traditional ayahuasca brew" to simply "Ayahuasca brew." --Oskykins (talk) 01:31, 9 March 2016 (UTC)