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The stoned ape theory The cultural operating system A need for feeling the truth of unity Psychedelics as literal gateways to a higher dimension and not imaginary hallucinations Self transforming machine elves and hypothesis of their source (souls, aliens, people from the future, a higher dimension) Shamans as people who can step outside of time to predict certain truths and gain insight The universe as a system of continuous self complexification (novelty theory) The felt presence of direct experience as the most important priority of ones life The mushroom as a potential extraterrestrial intelligence Psychedelics as a form of communication with gaian mind The idea of a visual language helping us to transcend the limitations of words The idea that reality is based on linguistic code and language The transcendental object at the end of time The idea that we will not understand the psychedelic experience until we map it out (this particular one is a huge source of inspiration from me)