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Tasks and notes for josi's upcoming subjective effect index improvement project:


General index stuff
  • keep an eye on the suggestions found here
  • after all of this, move onto lucid dreaming pages, meditation, tulpas, etc
  • look into alternatives for the replication galleries/slideshows which can handle .gifv's
  • change the beginning of the sentence from "effect can be described as" "an/a effect is" or "effects are"
  • consider changing effects which say “at lower/higher levels of this effect” to something like “at weaker/stronger manifestations of this effect” “at lower intensities of this effect,”
Specific effect improvements
  • expand upon personality regression based on recent unity experience
  • expand upon mindfulness, it's currently a bit lacking
  • Add style variations to scenarios/plots, cohesive vs disjointed, realistic vs unrealistic, nonsensical vs coherent. This can also apply to dreams
  • expand upon itchiness to include static unmoving itch respose sensations that present themselves in various locations when under the influence of morphinans such as dxm and codiene
  • Expand upon delusion themes based upon the types listed within the DSM
  • expand upon memory replays to include the potential of seeing all of one's memories displayed simultaneously through a vast geometric web or sequentially blast of hallucinations


  • add an animated replication to framerate suppression, a laggy gif of high-quality recognizable footage
  • add a replication to brightness alterations, a half an half image showing normal brightness compared to altered brightness
  • add colour replacement gif, a half and half image showing normal colours compared to altered colours
  • find better images for 8A/8B geometry
  • unspeakable horrors replication using geometry generator and regular geometry replication
  • get rid of colour tinting and merge it into colour replacement
  • subcomponent of time distortion, time reversal - experience of environment and bodily actions running backwardsrunning backwards during which the persons cognition and train of thought continues to run forward. After which the person then finds themselves how ever many minutes prior only to go back through it again. Also time connectivity, feelings of connectivity
New effects
  • anticipatory response, when the mind/body alters itself in preparation for dosing a drug
  • teeth chattering
  • antidepressant effects
  • texture liquidation - when one's external environment takes on the appearance of an oil painting or other artistic styles. this seems to manifest through a combination of drifting blurring textures together and its own distinct mechanism. i still need to come up with a more succinct name
  • scenery twisting
  • a generalised levelling system for the psychedelic experience as a whole
  • auditory perception misinterpretation

Completed tasks

  • come up with more scientific and legitimate terminologies for the the following components: Exposure to inner mechanics of consciousness Subconscious communication 8B Geometry - Exposure to inner mechanics of consciousness
  • write up identity alteration as an exact component within a subsection on the identity page
  • machinescapes and scenarios shave now been moved into multisensory effects. update their descriptions accordingly!!!
  • collaborate with User:Fishcenternicole to tidy up and improve upon the new shadow people sensory subcomponent subsections
  • rename environmental alterations to object alterations
  • improve or overhaul index intro, note that the descriptions should strive for linguistic simplicity so that as many people as possible can actually understand the effects
  • rename subconscious communication to something more legitimate
  • add as much consistency for descriptions as possible. for example in the first sentence, within introductions to leveling systems, sentences introducing levels themselves, content across inter-related components etc
  • bring back novel effect category
  • add olfactory enhancement
  • split auditory hallucinations into internal and external auditory hallucinations, the current article just documents external without mentioning internal.
  • visual flipping as an effect, when your vision mirrors or flips upside down, common on nitrous and dissos at very high doses
  • suggestibility suppression
  • move panic attacks into their own effect distinct from anxiety
  • increased phlegm production
  • framerate enhancement, seeing things with an increased framerate, higher detail, and in slow motion
  • continue proofreading and improving EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT. Visual, Auditory, Disconnective, Multisensory, Cognitive, Physical, Side effects
  • complete the list category pages for the various types of physical effects and side effects. make sure they have comprehensive defintions/introductions
  • define exactly what constitutes a multisensory effect vs a specific sensory effect for the hallucinatory states category
  • proofread/overhaul the definitions of effect type categories
  • proofread effect categories on every single effect. Add sensory category to relevant articles too
  • add descriptions for effect type category tag pages
  • grammar check every single effect with cocoa
  • add a multisensory effect regarding complex physical movements which feel as if they are a direct translation of current cognitive/visual states (this may also be a subtype of synaesthesia)
  • add a comprehensive set of taste/smell hallucinations and add them to their own panel. smell enhancement, suppression, hallucination and taste enhancement, suppression, hallucination
  • glossolalia - talking structured gibberish
  • back pain
  • memory flashbacks
  • introspection
  • add visual styles subsection and history/culture subsection for autonomous entities
  • write a universal intro for style variation sections which explain what style variations are. "The specific differences between each potential style of EFFECT can be broken down into the following variations:"
  • make 8a/8b a bit clearer that its original observation / interpretation of the project and not based on external documentation
  • mention that delusions can spread between multiple individuals in social settings on delusions article
  • ensure the impact of mood is mentioned within hallucinatory components
  • mention that frame rate suppression can become so laggy that it literally pauses, happens sometimes on nitrous
  • mention in symmetrical texture repetition analysis that it might not just be peripheral vision being filled in but also textures just generally building on top of themselves
  • consider moving vibrating vision out of visual suppressions and into uncomfortable physical bodily effects
  • add levelling systems to double vision subtle, distinct, intense
  • add laughter fits as a physical effect which is maybe auto grabbed into humor enhancement
  • text replace, muscle spasms > muscle twitching, salivation > increased salivation, spontaneous physical sensations > spontaneous bodily sensations, environmental geometry > environmental patterning, perspective alterations / alterations in perspective > perspective hallucinations
  • add the alice in wonderland pic to perspective distortions
  • change effect names to singular titles, (auditory hallucinations, etc)
  • rename spontaneous physical sensations to spontaneous bodily sensations
  • move vibrating vision to uncomfortable physical effects
  • review Graham's citations, search for own citations to add, ensure they are actually relevant
  • come up with a glossary of the SEI which is essentially a list of concise 1 or 2 sentence summaries of the effects.

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