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Take some cactus soil or seed raising mix and sieve it to remove large rock and sticks. Add 30 - 40% coco peat mixed and sieved as well.

Put a thin layer 2-3cm of cactus soil into a takeaway container, press down on the soil with something flat to make the soil level.

Spray just enough water onto the soil so its moist and place into a microwave and cook it for 3 minutes on high.

Once it's cooled down to room temperature spread about 50 - 100 seeds (per container) evenly across the surface of the soil. Lightly tamp the top of the soil again. Now lightly spray the soil with water again (Optional: you can add seaweed solution into the spray).

You have now finished the Takeaway Tek. Place the container on a window sill that doesn't get to much direct sunlight. The seeds should start sprouting within 7-10 days. Leave the cacti in the container for up to 6 months as they are fragile in the first few months of there lives. If you like you can add a hole or two for air exchange, but it inst really necessary and could risk contaminating the soil with bad bacteria.