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Recreating talk page for this article

we should add in a table for duration, like on the page for LSD, for consultation before or during use. does anyone have a good source for that?


Please use Erowid’s psilocybin mushroom page for duration of action: Total Duration: 4-7 hours Onset:15-60 minutes Comin up:15-30 minutes Peak:2-4 hours Comedown:1-3 hours Afterglow:0-6 hours

Also please add a text box on the main page with a main summary just like MDMA’s, LSD, DMT, etc. including common names, chemical name (You may as well just refer to the primary ingredient Psilocybin since it directs to this page from the Substance Index, you did this for the Cannabis already referencing THC as the primary ingredient)Dose, duration.... you get the gist. Honestly pretty embarrassing how undeveloped the mushrooms page is and how difficult it is to find the information. Needs to be more accessible as it is a very common substance of use and is continuing to grow. Gsprinter99 (talk) 04:42, 27 October 2021 (UTC)