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Omberacetam is the nonproprietary name proposed for Noopept (see p.68, Strictly speaking it does not belong to the racetam class of compounds (as it is a peptide). However, given its similarity it is often compared and categorized adjacent to other racetams.

On a purely pragmatic basis, I suggest we consider migrating Noopept to the racetam section. The INN may supplant the brand name in future but it's more important we set a standard in terms of naming conventions.

Update: PubChem now refers to Noopept as Omberacetam [ ] Please see above regarding INN and re-categorizing Noopept into the racetam family on a pragmatic basis.

@Mydriasis: Done. I'll rename the article as well to reflect this change. Thanks for keeping us up to date! --Clarity (talk) 20:58, 23 October 2018 (CEST)