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Hello all! This is an encounter that happened about three years ago and that completely changed my life forever. This is the first time writing it out, but the entire experience is still totally vivid in my memory. A little bit of a backstory, I have always been a spiritual person and have had many supernatural experiences during drug trips and also while completely sober. At the point in my life when this encounter occurred my spiritual journey had been progressively leading me to the conclusion that I needed to let go of all psychedelic substances and drugs and continue my journey upwards completely free of every external substance, but I was resisting and fighting this conclusion, and what happened on this night was a sort of climax and a forced fork in the road to force me to decide. Alright, so I have tripped many times on acid, the highest dosage ever taken being a ten strip, but also have eaten mushrooms and acid together, Acid, DMT and ketamine all in the same night, mega doses of mushrooms, and crazy benders of all manners of psychedelics taking us to the outer reaches of the astral universe. I've experienced many crazy unexplainable mystical experiences on heroic doses, but the difference about what happened this night was that we were only one 1 single hit of LSD. A dose that I could normally easily drive on, hold intelligble conversation with people on, and just in general wouldn't ever be a stretching experience for me for after having taking so many larger doses. So that being said, me and two other friends were planning on having a relaxed night at my house in Oregon, we had three hits of trusted liquid in a vial and we were planning on each dropping just one hit and having a relaxing evening. We each dropped a hit in the living room and sat back to wait. An Immediate sense of dread and regret and a dark shadow crept over the room, the imminent fear of death and doom and that something very very bad was about to happen. almost immediately after dropping the liquid onto our tongues. Ok very strange, here we go. Hahaha. This sense of dread continued to rise as we started to come up on the cid. like a dark reaper here to claim his own, and now that we were vulnerable on the acid, this darkness would claim our lives as his. This crazy sensation grew so strong that I mumbled something to my friends about needing to be by myself and I left the room. As the acid continued to come up the material dimension started to completely tear apart at a viscious rate, the veil completely falling apart into total chaos with the very ground falling out from underneath. This was not supposed to happen on only one hit. Shadows started to dance around leaping from the walls like desperately hungry piranhas ready to feed on the prey. The most intense, thick tangible, and weighty substance of pure concentrated fear came over me. This was the literal source of all fear, heaped upon a human body with such a weight that it felt as if my bones were going to collapse in on themselves. This time there was no bright colors or the happy ecstatic feeling. It was like I had played my cards one time too many, and now the toll was due. It was time to pay up. The visual distortion became so intense that it started to become hard to tell where my body was anymore or if I still even had one. I decided to grab my phone and call a friend for comfort while I was still able to partially function. I was able to get a hold of my friend, a good friend who had been there for me many times before. He talked to me for a little while trying to calm me down, but he was only able to get a few sentences out before the voice of the devil himself garbled out my friends voice and took over. "You think you could phone for help? Muwhahaha. There is no one here for you anymore. games over." Demonic cackling and then the phone hung up. I then got a text from my friend, it just said . "I'm so sorry." I then started to really take the fear and death spiral into total chaos. At this point I wasn't able to walk anymore, I was curled up in the fetal death position on the floor, the shadow piranhas harvesting every last shred of light and life off of my soul to the point where I could feel my physical heart slowing down and stopping. The literal life force of my spirit was going out, and my physical body was following as my heart physically started to stop beating. For anyone wondering at this point. No, this was not a research chemical, no it wasn't a bad dose. It was tried and true pure lsd that my good friend had tripped on many times before with no trouble.  And, I was dying. I have gone through ego death many times before on lsd. I am very familiar with the feeling of "knowing" that you're dying, absolutely sure that you're really dying, but this wasn't it. This was not just the sense of self dissolving and "letting go" into bliss, but this was pure pain through every cell of my body, the absolute absence of every morsel of light and life. I was actually dying and descending into the void of hell! I was barely hanging on at this point. Two very large shadow demon looking creatures standing about 40 feet tall appeared with ginormous chains in their hands, they bound me hand and foot and dragged me deeper down. The amount of sheer pain at this point was unbearable, but I was forced to bear it. I didn't know where my body was anymore, this was my eternal spirit that is unable to ever be destroyed being forced to feel eternal pain. Like being in sheer torment, and wanting to die and dissapear, but being unable to die. Every single second felt like hundreds of years, hundreds of years of absolutely breathtaking, empty nothingness, so empty that the pain was indescribable. No light, no air to breathe, suffocating blackness. I saw the gates of hell open like tall dark metal shrines of doom as the two shadow demons dragged me down. This was it. In my last almost faithless, hopeless cry, not even really believing that there was any more hope for me, I whimpered out from the last shred of me that was left, "Jesus, please help me." And then I let go into the void, but the void wasn't the bottom. I felt the arms of Love underneath me, a lifting surging Light from underneath like arms carrying me. I felt the surge of the Light of Hope rising like a spark of electricity shooting up within me, like a breath of fresh air breathing new life. Like Living Waters rising within. AAAHHHH, my soul sucked it up. Like a stone dry sponge soaking up a drop of water. An explosion of Light, hope and Joy and I saw the face of the glowing King of Kings and Lord of Lords looking me in the face and sharing His Life with mine. His Angel wings wrapped around me, sheltering me from the darkness and tucking me into His Light, into the hidden safe place of His Heart, and then we shot up. We rose and rose and rose and I saw all the layers of hell, as we shot past them all, I also saw the souls in their cages still there as we rose. We rose higher and higher and higher and then we broke through the surface of the earth, and I began to become aware that I was back in my body, but now the Light was so strong that it was almost like I didn't have a body except this time in overwhelming brightness of Light! We continued to go higher. I started to become aware of singing. I was now laying in my bed, not sure how I got from the living room floor to there, but I didn't care. I was giggling at this point, feeling the most ecstatic Joy and just giggling, having the best time of my life. The Peace became so strong that I just totally let go and next thing you know, I had peed my pants! Hahaha, I still didn't care, nothing mattered at this point, I wasn't in hell anymore, I was saved! I let it all out and enjoyed the sensation of letting go fully. But that's not all! As I was peeing I felt the sensation of the room filling up with water. My bed was now a water bed and even the water continued to rise. I felt Living waters being poured into my mouth and as I drank I was cleansed from all the residue of darkness from the inside out. The whole room filled up with water until I was swimming in it and breathing the Living water fully submerged! I was in the River of Life! At this point, I wasn't even on the acid anymore, the Light had grown so strong that it had burned up all the influence of the natural chemical out of my brain and I was just High on pure Light, going higher than I had ever been before even on higher doses of drugs. The upward movement of the Spirit was still taking me up, and I noticed that there were twelve warring angels surrounding me in a full circle with flaming swords in hand guarding me in a safe sphere as Jesus still embracing and wrapping me continued to take me up. Through the stars, higher and higher. I heard the sound of the singing that I heard earlier starting to grow louder, like a whole chorus of millions of voices singing, all joining in one song of indescribable worship and magnificence. We started to shoot faster and faster until it felt like we were going to break through the speed of Light and pop some sort of a membrane. We kept going faster and faster, and then, BAM! We were in the Ocean of eternity, I had been born again, and I remembered eternity, Like some part of me had always been here. I was in the most tranquil, perfect bliss and peace of Pure transcendant unconditional all encompassing Love. Like pure perfect honey bliss. There was the whisper of my Father Ocean who had created me singing over me, loving on me, reassuring me, and writing on my heart all the fun things we would do together as One when we went back to earth. And there was the perfect promise that it was all already written out, so there was nothing to fear, it was just going to be one giant amazing adventure, and there was only ever increasing goodness and Light to look forward to! It's been about three years since this experience and the intoxication of that Light never left me, it has only increased more and more. Writing this right now, not a single substance entering my body in years, I feel physically higher, drunker and totally blasted than all the drugs on planet earth combined. The spiritual dimension is more real to me than the natural dimension, and I walk on a daily basis in union with my Father, still in that place of eternity with my feet on earth walking out the linear timeline of it and having a freaking blast! Every day is crazier, more exciting and more fun than the day before. And it's only getting better and better! If you're reading this right now and have managed to make it through the whole thing, I'm writing this to you! God has an amazing plan and destiny and purpose for your life, and if you seek for Him with all your heart, you will find Him and you will find your destiny written from before you were even born! He has good, amazing, and perfect plans for you, far beyond your ability to even imagine. And this is just the beginning. Let this be a new day for you, a fresh start, and a breath of New life into your innermost being from the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! He is closer than the very air that you breathe! Take a deep breath in through your nostrils right now and receive the Spirit of the Living God into your Spirit! Amen! Love you guys so much, and you are all in my Spirit, in my Heart, in my intercessions. If you want to talk to me personally feel free to shoot me an email at or add me on Facebook! (Jake Vossler) Love and Light to all of you, Jake