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JH556: I have dosed Memantine at least 70 - 100+ times; as well as DXM Polystyrex/ HBr/ Freebase probably over 100 times, Ketamine/ S-Ketamine 10 - 15 times, the obscure HA-966 20 - 30+ times, my trip report of Psychotria Colarata is the second ever on the internet which I have dosed 60 - 70+ times. As well as quite a few other dissociatives. My name is ZPM115 on Discord. The current dosage scale was corrected in certain circles by me back in 2019/ 2020, close to the scale repeated here. However ~45mg of Memantine is above the low-end of DXM's 2nd plateau. With ~70 or 80mg of Memantine coming close to surpassing the 2nd plateau of DXM; though the unique properties of Memantine make this paradoxically manageable, but the potency/ effects are still real & at that point. Getting into 100mg+, like 110 - 150mg as well are getting around the level of two weaker acid tabs, like 70 - 85mcg per. Certainly around the level of 20 - 30mg of 4-AcO-DMT; though again because Memantine is ' magic ' and still allows signals through under certain circumstances this is much more accessible high, though still presenting no joke on this level. The most Memantine I have ever taken was probably 350 - ~400mg; with intensities that scale. As well, with limited use, or very high doses, effects similar to a lower moderate weed edible can linger up to around 72 hours or so.