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‘The eye of the master will do more work than both his hands.’ — Benjamin Franklin

::Though meditation comes in many different styles, variations, and techniques that can seem overwhelming and confusing for a new student, there is but one underlying process or mechanism of attention that is the fundamental basis of the non-act of meditating - regardless of how. In the best way I can, I will lend insight towards the properties of this noumenal imperative by taking a look at meditation as the self-referential mechanism, the passive-process (which is a state of being) and its emergent structure as well as the difference between action and non-action. In other words, the deeper, more subtle aspects that rarely get discussed - unless, of course, you study under a guru. Meditation by its most irreducible and direct definition is (with eyes closed) the [non-]act of turning attention (focus) inward and placing it on its own source. If thought's arise, let them go as they came only acknowledging awareness of the thought[-in-itself].
 This is approach is the very essence of the meditative state - the self-referential mechanism that yields a capacity for experience. To illustrate this more clearly, or just to call it what it is, we will explore what this means by defining what it is first. In much the same way one could position a video camera so it's recording a television screen that it is also connected to so the TV displays what the camera is recording, the meditative state is also a feedback loop. [[File:SmallStare.gif]]

  In this particular instance, the feedback loop is your Self - infinitely defined and self contained. The Self realizes it is its own capacity for experience (the potential), the one who creates experience and has the experience (the action), and the silent observer of experience (the Being). The knower, the knowing, and the known become one and whole.</no wiki>
   Feedback loops are everywhere and are responsible for nature's own rhythmic processes. An interesting thought to contemplate that can help one better understand what this means and why it matters is the clinical scenario of being hooked up to a brain-wave monitor that displays a real-time image of the brain's activity letting one see how personal response to seeing the brain's activity alters its activity immediately. This led to the discovery that one could activate any area of the brain per the request of the doctor or equipment tech simply by thinking about it.   Meditation though, is a completely passive process - or non-action. However, the meditative state may be completely immersive as one becomes more conscious of the subtle layers of experience and, more specifically, the subtle experience of becoming aware of one's own and (over time) others awareness as well - eventually one may integrate the meditative state fully enough to be active in the state of meditation. (It's the meditation that is non-action not the meditative state itself.) A subtle experience is not phenomenal and either is the lack of input from the five physical senses or is the fully integrated experience of awareness on all levels of being - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, archetypal (though I've heard the term 'celestial' if you're into labels), astral, and causal levels of being. Because we do exist over progressively more subtle bandwidths (our resonant frequency and it's harmonics) or dimensions, etc, it would be imperative to anyone who has read this far to understand that without becoming conscious one sits as a duck on the water with no means of self-defense in the midst of a very active power struggle. Meditate to become aware, if nothing else, of your full capacity of awareness. Majority humanity has already been overtaken on this level simply because no one can protect the sanctity of their own Self against threats that one cannot yet fathom.   As the meditative state develops into full awareness and the ability to remain present throughout one's experience - even when the body falls asleep - one will discover their innate ability as architect of the all-pervasive emergent structure of their own frequencies. Through meditation one becomes aware of inner-space and the natural progression into ever-expanding awareness will provide the tools of refining this inner-space into the temple that it is. By keeping meditation sessions pure, focused, and to the point with no other input besides one's own, the structure of meditation dynamic yet unchanging and trans-formative but not destructive. Meditation allows one to re-integrate the pieces of a fragmented identity. It is a passive process that can be juxtaposed as a framework over the mind's hyperactivity to alter and direct, based on one's own intent, mental and emotional processes that, for most people, override their capacity to experience. Instead the mind (ego) and it's reflection in the body (feelings/emotions) become the factor of one's experience - and factors limit capacity.   The feedback of meditation also allows one insight into the levels below the threshold of consciousness which cannot be crossed in a normal waking state. Once one seriously decides to make the time and afford the focus to meditate regularly, it will become clear that meditation is much more than what words can ever attempt to explain and more than the mind can ever understand because it is formless, actionless, structured yet constantly in flux. It is a modality of awareness, being, and intent. Dive deep enough to realize that awareness is non-local. The singularity is present in every part and is the source of awareness and the flashlight in the darkness that new comers to meditation will most certainly find themselves in. Meditation is the mechanism of holographic cognition and fractal in design of it's mechanism - meaning through meditation, will and intent are the causal force and trans-formational catalyst, and changes made to an part will immediately be reflected holistically.
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