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Increased nature appreciation can be described as the very unique cognitive effect that usually occurs simultaneously alongside novelty enhancement and outrospection dominant experiences or moments during trips, it is seen as the positive enhancement of one's own admiration for the aesthetic and/or spiritual qualities of natural environments and other naturally occurring components of the world.

This effect can manifest itself in a wide variety of ways depending on the substance, dosage, mindset of the individual and general location of the experience. Feelings and experiences ranging from perceiving the entire earth as a living entity or organism that loves and embraces all other life on the planet to simply feeling entranced or even euphoric as a result of the physical beauty of nature. It can often make one feel as if the "separation" or boundaries between themselves and the natural world have been partially to entirely dissolved causing the user to feel more connected and in tune with their surroundings and in certain extreme cases; becoming completely one with their environment.

This can give the user an entirely new perspective and outlook on nature and the earth as a whole even after the experience is over and this can linger for days, weeks, months or even years afterwards. Anecdotal reports of individuals being able to reach deeper and calmer states of tripping from simply being in a natural setting while under the influence of psychedelics are quite common. For some users this sometimes makes physically transitioning to a manmade environment in the middle of a trip liable to cause feelings of strangest and even anxiety depending on the substance and mindset of the user.

During these states of mind for many people seeing anything that is manmade or not naturally occurring in some way can just appear to be strange, uncomfortable, fake, wrong or even completely foreign and unrecognizable depending on the intensity of the experience. At these levels of intensity and vividness it is not uncommon for things like grass, logs, trees, bushes or even rocks to appear to come alive usually through pattern recognition enhancement and the experience of [pareidolia]. Depending on the substance and dose this can lead to full on psychological and sensory based anthropomorphism throughout the whole setting and the contents within it.