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Hypothesised graph visualisation of the structure of the multiverse

Meiosis Overview.png

So we observe that galaxies are rotating, this may indicate that there is a rotational energy to the universe due to the binary existence of attraction/repulsion forces (dualism, as referred to from here out). These positive forces include those we have documented; electromagnetism (involved with the microchosm, quantum dynamics) and gravity which is the attraction of matter as opposed to the negative force of the vacuum of spacetime.

So, naturally, like DNA, these universes coil up like a chromosome as depicted in the graph below.

  • Also of note is that chromosomes form points of contact along their Y axis! This may have a similar analogy to the graph.

Graph of universe v1.png

  • Unity, the big bang, occurs at the + axis.
  • Spacetime propagates along the X/Y/Z/T axis.
  • Heat death occurs at the - axis.
  • We experience our current reality at a measurable point on the graph, as a point on a planar slice of a particular helical string.
  • There is a black hole in the centre of all galaxies, perhaps this is what is keeping the universe coiled?
  • As these strings propagate they may vibrate and interact with each other.
  • When we observe space at a distance because the energy (light, information) travels to us depending on its distance.
  • the idea of this graph is to try represent many more dimensions on a 2D plane. Each higher dimension contains all those below it so its physical structure becomes more complex as time propagates.
  • time may pulsate between + and -, so is cyclical not linear
  • the leftmost end of the + axis has slower energy than the rightmost axis, again due to binary polarity
  • each hypercoil is analogous to a guitar string but stacked in a 3d crystal of hyperstrings, possibly even interwoven along the T axis. Doesn't this start to sound a little like meiosis?

Schraube und archimedische Spirale.png

  • a+/-b => c^∞(a+b)-(ॐ)+c^∞(b-a) <= b-/+a

Thoughts? PJosepherum (talk) 00:40, 18 March 2014 (UTC)


[00:11:20]<PJosepherum> lingering hppd, cool cevs

[00:11:20]<cocoanatta> lolol

[00:11:20]<PJosepherum> pretty heroic dose though

[00:11:21]<PJosepherum> like a chromosome

[00:11:23]<cocoanatta> \lolol really?

[00:11:25]<PJosepherum> 300px-Meiosis_Overview.svg.png

[00:11:30]<cocoanatta> interesting

[00:11:32]<cocoanatta> do you think this is how universes are created?

[00:11:34]<cocoanatta> they split off one another?

[00:11:36]<PJosepherum> in the second image, see the two parallel strands of dna have formed a bridge at a random point along its vertical axis

[00:11:39]<__fastcall> I still believe we are all NPCs written by a bored teenager in a computer simulation..

[00:11:41]<PJosepherum> everything in the universe is rotating, helically, due to electromagnetism and gravity

[00:11:43]<PJosepherum> each universe is an exponential fractal, helical tunnel which can be visualised as a string

[00:11:46]<PJosepherum> when two of these strings or universes are next to each other, they interact as they vibrate

[00:11:49]<cocoanatta> so you think that they are condensed strands of energy?

[00:11:51]<PJosepherum> these interactions are what we observe as quantum dynamic interaction

[00:11:53]<cocoanatta> that vibrate in different frequencys to impart matter?

[00:11:55]<PJosepherum> they are condensed BECAUSE of the energy, of gravity

[00:11:59]<cocoanatta> what gives these strands of energy their orientation?

[00:12:01]<cocoanatta> gravity is a force mediated by the fabric of time and space

[00:12:03]* pegane (arvosa@Snoonet-rbu.u97.kllhg5.IP) has joined

[00:12:05]<PJosepherum> mass exists because of matter, and it attracts. has positive energy. antimatter (vacuum) has negative energy so there is fluctuations

[00:12:08]<cocoanatta> are you sure gravity is the right word to use?

[00:12:10]<pegane> Hello!

[00:12:12]<cocoanatta> hey there

[00:12:14]<PJosepherum> the universe is binary

[00:12:16]<cocoanatta> yea

[00:12:18]<cocoanatta> I get that

[00:12:20]<PJosepherum> 1 and 0

[00:12:22]<PJosepherum> coiled string is a 1

[00:12:24]<cocoanatta> all inforation on a computer is expressed in binary

[00:12:28]<PJosepherum> the bridge between coiled strings is a 0

[00:12:30]<PJosepherum> look at the image

[00:12:32]<PJosepherum> 300px-Meiosis_Overview.svg.png

[00:12:37]<PJosepherum> second circle, bottom chromosome

[00:12:39]<PJosepherum> gravity and other forces, yeah hold everythign together, working against the vacuum pulling apart so it just coils up as it expands

[00:12:42]<cocoanatta> lol

[00:12:44]<cocoanatta> I'm not sure what evidence you have to support this hypothesis thouhg besides drug induced hallucination

[00:12:47]<PJosepherum> everything in nature resonates in a binary fashion

[00:12:48]<cocoanatta> But definately an interesting hypothesis

[00:12:51]<PJosepherum> dunno, it's just a way of viualising the fractal nature of the universe

[00:12:53]<cocoanatta> true

[00:12:55]<cocoanatta> I like it

[00:12:58]<PJosepherum> not like, its actual shape. as we observe it, because it is rotating, it is flat effectively

[00:13:02]<PJosepherum> we are a slice of the string

[00:13:04]<PJosepherum> interacting with another string's slice

[00:13:06]<cocoanatta> hmm interesting

[00:13:08]<PJosepherum> at the present moment, those strings are being pulled apart and the vibrations are slowing down as space expands and energy losoes its grip

[00:13:11]<cocoanatta> and what are the implications of such?

[00:13:13]<PJosepherum> just that as time progresses, everything will continue to become more complex

[00:13:15]<cocoanatta> how so though?

[00:13:17]<cocoanatta> why does that attribute to its complexity?

[00:13:19]<__fastcall> cocoanatta: I need to get some sleep. We will see us tomorrow, nice to talk to you

[00:13:21]<cocoanatta> a simple pushing and pulling mechanism, because time ?

[00:13:23]<PJosepherum> possibly because of the fluctuations in vibrations amongst parallel strings?

[00:13:25]<cocoanatta> fastcall: Ok dude nite

[00:13:29]<cocoanatta> well is time a self complexifying mechanism only to build complexity as a means for further complexity?

[00:13:32]<PJosepherum> as the universe (0) expands on one axis, the anarchic vibrations (1) propagate along the other

[00:13:35]<cocoanatta> do these recreate?


[00:13:39]<cocoanatta> and how about substantiation of new sturctures?

[00:13:41]<cocoanatta> do you think this is our universe?

[00:13:43]<PJosepherum> no, heat deatha s the strings are pulled too tight to interact anymore

[00:13:45]<cocoanatta> what of the laws of other universe?

[00:13:47]<cocoanatta> do they impart any influence on our own?

[00:13:49]<cocoanatta> and how about the multiverses universe?

[00:13:51]<cocoanatta> what of it?

[00:13:53]<PJosepherum> probably not, since it's the opposite in the binary system i;'m describing

[00:13:55]<cocoanatta> is it but a higher dimension?





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[00:33:42]what sha'll we work on tonite

[00:33:50]and can you pee properly now?


[00:34:42]yes i can pee properly tonight

[00:34:54]i either need to start the ritalin article

[00:34:59]or finish referencing the replications

[00:35:05]im struggling to focus tho

[00:35:23]very little sleep + morphine = retard




[00:36:09]haha, hold your breath, deprive the sphincter in your bladder of oxygen which will relax it and allow for urination. opioids do that for some reason

[00:43:00]you need to do mathematical equations to support your hypothesis

[00:43:07]if your going to call it fractal math


[00:43:24]1 +/- 0




[00:43:42]something more complex and less easy to disprove xD






[00:43:51]I could disprove that


[00:43:54]i know



[00:44:17]xD sorry for being a hardass haha


[00:45:03]i dunno, lingering hppd visuals,a joint and philosophical lyrics showed me this image


[00:45:46]was it the what fills the gap song?

[00:45:52]also awesome proog


[00:45:58]how can we argue with that?


[00:46:11]can;'t remember, if it plays again i'll try get the name. it was on your playlist

[00:46:18]something about pulling strings apart

[00:46:21]and i thought

[00:47:47]binary is one dimention, time is linear, so contains the concept of multiple points along a line, then the third dimension incorporates those 2d (coiled into 1d) lines in 2d slices, of which is a reference frame for time

[00:47:58]binary being on/off, energy

[00:48:03]energy and time

[00:48:09]thus the universe can be graphed


[00:48:22]if it exists in perfect harmony

[00:48:35]if the strings interact then there will be vibrations all over the structure

<PJosepherum> woah

<cocoanatta> I might be wrong

<josifikins> i kind of get that statement

<PJosepherum> or a+b = c(a+b)-/+(a-b)

<cocoanatta> oh yea

<cocoanatta> thats a better way to put it

<cocoanatta> accounting for binary structure

<cocoanatta> you probably need a function in there to properly express that

<PJosepherum> no, sorry. a+b => c(a+b)-/+c(b-a) <= b+a

<PJosepherum> :)

<cocoanatta> ooooooh

<PJosepherum> coil this up

<PJosepherum> and you have yourself a multiverse

<PJosepherum> fractal planar graph <PJosepherum> perhaps

<PJosepherum> ?

<cocoanatta> so its a coil? like the golden ratio?

<PJosepherum> everything is rotating due to repulsion/attraction so forces combine by using mass and electromagnetism to hold together as time propagates and spacetime expands

<cocoanatta> ce58db09ebdb85bfc14b1e1e8d231a3a.png

<PJosepherum> causing heat death at the - axis

<PJosepherum> better, each + or - has to be a +/- though i think

<PJosepherum> and you can probably put a power to infinity on the time variable

<PJosepherum> how did you draw that? :P