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I believe the duration table is incorrect. The main substance is said to have a Biological half-life of 106 hours. I can confirm that 5mg keeps me chill for over 3 days.

^| Half life and duration of effects are not equivalent - For example, Diazepam has a half life of up to 200 hours including metabolites, however its effects do not last nearly as long. I think 24 hours is an accurate duration for the primary effects of FlubroPAM, but I would say its lingering or after effects can last two days or perhaps 3 with a high dose. I do think the time of onset is inaccurate - at least as far as the maximum time. I can confirm FlubroPAM taking up to 2.5hrs to really onset. Considering how unresearched FlubroPAM is (even psychonautically) dose and duration are highly speculative, based on little information. Until its metabolism (active metabolites and their half lives, etc) is elucidated, it will be near impossible to give anything but a wide range for dose and duration.|^

The Dosage is Incorrect Based on Personal Experience

I believe that the dosage information is incorrect. The dosage is a little more like this: Threshold 0.5 - 1 mg Light 1 - 2 mg Common 2 - 4 mg Strong 4 - 6 mg Heavy 6+ mg