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Need some help

Please help me to finish the flualprazolam sheet. I'm a newbie and did mistakes on this article. I don't want to damage it further...

Is this page going live any time soon?

It’s pretty close or what? This has to be approved by an administrator. The page has been ready here for months. Admins, what is the hold up?

finishng it today

Are you sure?

Image 2022-10-14 173939630.png

Dosages not showing correctly

The dosage in the image is showing the heavy dose as 1ug+ instead of 1mg+. Under the image it has the correct dosage info. I couldn't figure out how to edit the info

can someone fix the table image in the substance box? i fixed the dosages, but i dont know how to do image stuff

if only i knew how to upload stuff here onto boxes