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Not a HBWR seed extraction


-Aluminum Foil

-HBWR (Hawaiian Strain and What ever number you decide)

-Peppermint extract

-Cocoa extract


-Paper towels

-Distilled Water


-Micro-filter (Panty Hose)


-Pill Crusher/Mordant and Pestle

-Dark Working environment



1.Clean surface that you are working on.

2.Turn of all light except for one that gives minimal light.

3.Make sure to have distilled water cold and in the Refrigerator ready to use.

4.Make sure all instruments have been cleaned with distilled water.

5.Rinse your desired amount of seeds under cold distilled water.

6.Put them on a paper towel and dry the sides by rolling them in the paper towel.

7.This also helps get the brown/fuzzy husk of the seeds (which needs to happen.)

8.You repeat the rinse and dry.

9.Then put your seeds in your desired grinding method.

10.Grinding into fine a powder is best.

11.Pour into Jar then pour distilled water into glass over seed matter. (3-5 OZ)

12.Stir with Spoon in Dark for 1 minute.

13.Add 15ml of Peppermint Extract. (Acetaldehyde for Extraction/LSH conversion?)

14.Shake vigorously for 5 minutes in dark.

15.Add 10 ml of Cocoa Extract (Theobromine for Vasodilation.)

16.Cover the jars in Aluminum foil. (To keep out light)

17.Refrigerate for 12 – 18 Hours.

18.Aggravate mixture for 1-3 minutes every 4 – 6 hours.

19.In the Dark, Filter through Panty Hose and funnel into Drinking/storing cup of some kind…

20.Discard seed matter or wrap in foil and use sublingually while taking dose and spit out after 30 minutes. (Do not swallow Seed matter!)


Drink tap water or water with chlorine in it 2-4 hours before or after you take dose.

Don't take while on SSRI’s, MAOI’s, Lithium, or Depakote

Eat until the nausea has passed. (May slow the absorption of LSA/LSH even after nausea has passed.)

These can be expected, but watch out for:

Nausea. (Cannabis has proven effective for this side effect)

Vasoconstriction. (Theobromine, and other natural Vasodilators can help, but it would be best to have some pharmaceutical Dilators. (HBP meds, etc.)

Bronchi constriction. (Makes the experience uncomfortable sometimes, but can be combated with a half – full dose of Albuterol Sulfate or a Rescue inhaler.)


Pain in legs or arms.

Pupil Dilation.

Cold/Hot flashes.

…because this chemical has a large body load, it is important to know your body and your chemical.

*This write up is all fiction. Do not do anything this says. Nobody recommends this to anyone. DO NOT do this at home/ work/school or anywhere.*