Talk:Experience:0.75g MDMA - Possibly some MDA through metabolisation?

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6 July 2016 - Perry:

The average amount of MDA being metabolized from MDMA is 7~9%. This would, in your case, equal 52,5~67.5mg MDA. This would be a dose of which you would be able to experience the effect if it were taken all at once. The metabolism, however, isn't instant and (I must admit I haven't read the report) I hope your dosage wasn't either. Also: MDMA is listed under hallucinogens in experiences?

11 July 2016 - Dvach:

I regulary get the same superimposed image effect. I have about 5+ visual effects, which appear in almost each my MDMA experience. For example, one of my visuals is a colour change of the shade above the door in my room, it turns bright purple/pink, other one is a huge amount of green dots on the wall. When I smoke weed I have much more visual effects.