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Date of Introduction of First RC Cocaine Analogs

A recent version of this page wrongly stated that dichloropane was first sold on the rc market in 2016. This is wrong, I am certain it appeared for sale by multiple vendors around 2010, and may in fact have even been around as early as 2008. You can verify the ~2010 date by doing a quick google search, you'll see there were a lot of people talking about it in 2011 on Bluelight.

The other major piece of incorrect information in the previous version of this page, was the part where it claimed that dichloropane was perhaps the first cocaine analog to be made available for sale on the rc market. This is also incorrect. While it wouldn't be wrong to say it was among the first coke analogs to appear on the rc scene, it was definitely not the first. Other analogs that were produced either before or during the introduction of dichloropane to the rc market include tropacocaine, 4-fluorotropacocaine, 4′-Fluorococaine, dimethocaine, and troparil.

The incorrect information goes on to state: "It is also the only batch of a purported cocaine analog to be independently verified by third-party lab analysis." This is followed by a link to a report that was posted to reddit only a year ago (2016). However, there is documentation from at least 2010 and 2011 which shows rc cocaine analog samples from the UK were independently verified to contain several of the early cocaine analogs that hit the rc scene. Reference: