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- I find the title DXM & DPH to be the most alluring title for this article, tho we could use DXM + DPH as well (or both)

My notes (heavily disorganized)

The combination of Dextromethorphan (DXM) and Diphenhydramine (DPH, avoid DMH), also called "Over-The-Counter Flipping" synergizes verz well and can become extremely powerful, profound and detaching from reality.

When using both DXM and DPH in high doses, effects can become extremely bizarre in nature, have profound experiences, overwhelming confusion

Most importantly for harm reduction, i can easily become very dangerous, both physically and psychologically (and somewhat socially).

This short guide will summarize the important rules and harm reduction practises you absolutely should use, else you might, without prior knowledge, get in a **real** bad mess, accident or pay a sum of money, if you don't respect the dosages and the very powerful synergy.

It's very easy to fall into a full-blown delirium, akin to Datura?, and you may wake up somewhere you don't want to be or don't know where you are.

The combination is presumably also very straining on your heart and circulation. People with car Introduction

DXM and DPH, in recreational doses, synergize unusually favorable with each other. Most negative effects of one drug is masked by the other, especially the dysphoric headspace of DPH, or the nausea and body load from DXM. They produce a sort of entirely new experience with features of both drugs in addition to synergestic effects that form, which can become quite strong.diovascular problems shoud not try this!

Psychological Effects

The dissociation from DXM is amplified with DPH's deliriant and short-term + long-term amnesia, which can quickly turn into delirium. Approaching delirium the trip suddenly can become stimulating/energetic and one might end up moving or walking for some (or very long) distance without being coherent.

DXM lowers the delirium theshold of DPH significantly. Dosages with this combination should be greatly respected and anyone should have a sober person by his/her side at all times. In some people a dose of 300mg/300mg could already be sufficient for full-blown delirium (not being able to differentiate reality). __This is extremely dangerous when one finds themselves alone__.

DPH can reduce nausea from DXM and it masks the body load that some users percieve differently DPH also adds to memory blackouts

The synergestic effects are very diverse for each type. Perception itself includes a kind of stimulated, strongly dissociating and also from delusions to full-blown delirium, which can completely renders the user unable to differentiate hallucinations from reality, not even capable of using logic.

Extremely realistic and diverse external hallucinations occur, ranging from well-defined, mostly known people, insects, imaginary passages or groups of obstacles (branches, trees..), unrealistic objects of any absurd kind, usually with some correlation to a delusional thought. Even entire sceneries can form, e.g. social gatherings, implementing many of the previously mentioned hallucinations. Just like DPH Delirium, hallucinations appear 99% realistic and even after the trip is gone you still don't know what has been real or not in your trip. Hallucinations mostly feel casual, as if they were normal, despite a terrorizing nature, but can also feel very stressful or terrorizing nonetheless. This is most likely due to the DXM. The dysphoria from DPH is practically gone.

Internal hallucinations can develop occasinally and are typicakly sinister or bizzare sceneries, more detailed than DPH and less harmless/fun/strange visions of DXM. They are more common on low to moderate doses.

Closed-eye geometry is defined, they resemble DXM although they transform very slow, jittery and occasionally freeze up entirely, then spontaneously transform into internal hallucinations or geometry again.

Thought process can range from intoxixation to delusions+blackouts and finally full-blown delirium. Of couse, basic physical movements are still there although muscle coordination can be very bad, hideous and clumsy at times.

The experience can be perceived in many different but extreme feelings of euphoria, profoundness, confusion, casuality, fear, terror, dissociation, frustration, disinhibition and more. The trip will play out what experience or scenery you have.

Physical Effects

There is a pleasant numb/warm feeling across the body.

DXM and DPH both increase heart rate, possibly to very strenuous levels that can turn dangerous. Very high doses should be avoided because of this.


Depending on dose, peak effects last between 6 - 12 hours and the total duration approximately 12- 20 hours. Please note these estimates are purely from my own experience.


Be sure that DXM and DPH are the ONLY active ingredients, some can get dangerous when also added.

Also avoid ANY other drug combination, including ALL safe ones for DXM and DPH, Nicotine, Caffeine, Grapefruit juice, medication and preferably cannabis.

If you don't decide to dose lower on either DPH or DXM in the combination, you can follow this starting recommendation for the full effects from both drugs:

Light: 120mg/120mg Common: 200mg/200mg Strong: 280mg/280mg (possible to fall into delirium) Heavy: 350mg/350mg (slowly work up before trying) Maximum: 400mg/400mg (possibly unsafe physicaly. Do not exceed, even experienced users)

Guide & Preparation to enjoy DXM + DPH as safely as possible.

There is quite a few key points that are absolutely neccesary to follow, or else bad things might happen. The Combo is also only recommended for experienced people, with both DXM and DPH both alone!

• Have one or more sober tripsitters that you have good relationships with. They should always be watching you at all times. Might be the most important requirement to prevent any trainwrecks or some Hangover Movie thing.

Even for experienced users, never take this combo alone, notably high doses. You could wake up somewhere far away, get in a fight or loose all your belongings.

You should be aware that you'll appear very inappropriate in front of other people so avoid public spaces and people you dont trust.

• No exceptions: Start low! The combination can be very powerful and incapacitating. Starting at 200mg/200mg is recommended.

• A good setting and enough time. I'd recommend first time to only stay at home and have 24 hours to spare.

• Water, little food, nutrients, vitamins. 1. Drink enough water! 2. Magnesium, Potassium, little Sodium should be taken to replenish what the DXM takes away. 3. DMAE, Alpha-GPC or another choline source will counteract some of the anticholinergic effects.

• Preferably a heart-rate monitor and/or blood pressure monitor to check if your circulation is OK.

• Avoid any significant exercise. Avoid driving or machinery. (Depending on your state you'd never be able to come up with such an idea anyway)

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add from notes

yes absolutely they generally synergize reeealy well

but out of all things I've done the most crazy shit and endangering myself with these 2 combined. way to easy to fall into COMPLETE delirium at 300/300. You could end up anywhere, I hallucinated an entire party at night and traveled several miles back and forth my town. but the trip itself is like ephoric dph on steroids I remember it being awesome nevertheless

also I should note this combo is probably dangerous for your heart, but more so to yourself and others as well, take caution