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"The thalamus is also involved in the regulation of conscious level; including sleep, wakefulness, alertness and sensorimotor arousal (Torrico & Munakomi, 2019). It shares connectivity profiles with limbic structures (Stein et al., 2000; Steriade & Llinas, 1988; Voets et al., 2015) and is implicated in medial temporal lobe epilepsy (Barron, Tandon, Lancaster, & Fox, 2014) which produces psychedelic-like sensory illusions and déjà vu experiences."

"Disconnectivity of the parahippocampus is also implicated in medial temporal lobe epilepsy and deja-vu experiences (Illman, Butler, Souchay, & Moulin, 30 2012), suggesting, under psychedelics, PHC activity in the detection of familiarity may contribute to disruption of the narrative self (discussed later)"

Different from flashbacks 10.1176/ajp.148.10.1418


Deja Vu is rarely pathological 10.1097/NMD.0b013e31816ff36d