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8 July 2016‎ revision by Phencyclidine

Complete long-term memory suppression is distinct from anterograde amnesia. Many people report being unable to access their short and long-term memory while later being able to recall the experience in this state. It is fundamentally different from a black out during which you are unable to commit the experience to memory yet you are still able (to some extent) to access the information accumulated in it (such as what walking is, what speaking is, etc).

I reverted your changes but changed "ego death" to "long-term memory suppression" so that the "mumbo jumbo" possibly suggesting anterograde amnesia is clarified.

"It can be experientially described as a state that is functionally identical to long-term memory suppression and the feeling that there is no longer an "I" experiencing the trip; there is just the experience, as it is and by itself."

Also note the added emphasis. ^^

Yokohama (talk) 08:36, 14 July 2016 (UTC)