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From reading up on, it appears that the releasing action happens almost entirely through VMAT2 -- should any mention of that go here? Skyhighwings (talk) 01:55, 2 November 2016 (CET)


Should more detail be added on the difference between l-amphetamine and d-amphetamine? (since they're pretty different in terms of effects - d-amph is 3-4x stronger as a CNS stimulant) and also Adderall? Since Adderall is about 76% d-amphetamine. This is also not reflected in the dosage section in the SummaryBox. Bzshd (talk) 21:27, 28 March 2018 (UTC)

@Bzshd: More information pertaining to the differences of the entantiomers can definitely stand to be included in the pharmacology section. The substance box presumes the generic racemic form. Perhaps that can be made more clear, or else discussed in a "Forms" section of the main article. I think the article should avoid assuming too much about what specific forms of amphetamine are being considered, as it varies by place and audience. For instance, Adderall is very popular in the United States but not so much in Europe and other parts of the world. --Clarity (talk) 22:05, 28 March 2018 (UTC)
@Clarity: Agreed. I support the 'Forms' idea the best, see what anyone else thinks? Regarding the dosage section, I'd assumed that referred to Adderall in the past tbh - racemic amphetamine powder/paste seems to be anything from 5% to 80% pure, and is almost always advertised as 20+% more pure than it actually is in my experience and from what I've read. Most sellers just seem to pluck a random good-sounding percentage out of thin air. The only other form outside the US and Canada is pharmaceutical dextroamphetamine, and that is dosed differently again for similar effects (about 20% less needed for same dose as Adderall at the same stated mg). There's also XR forms, and Evekeo (pharma racemic, US only IIRC). Pharmacology needs to be expanded on obviously (I may do this if I have time), and I agree with you on this too for the isomer differences. But a Forms section is 100% needed too IMO. TLDR - I think both expanding Pharmacology and adding a Forms section is necessary to add the relevant details. And the latter is pretty important for harm-reduction IMO.

From my experience as someone just starting amphetamines, I would've found it very useful for some specification about what form the dosages in the substance box are referring to. (I assumed racemic mixture) and maybe even the dose differences between the different forms


I checked the source thats cited for bioavailability and it leads to a website that cites another source where no information about bioavailability is present.