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a-PHP report

Dose: 20-30mg vaporized

The very first feeling noticed upon exhalation is a rush of pure release. The body gets a tingling feeling all over followed by a comforting warmth. Just moving feels good. Muscles completely relax and all that I can focus on is the euphoria.

The high is very calm and serene. Sedating almost. There is no edge what so ever. No sweatiness or nausea. No shitty anxiety or feeling of panic. It's got every good aspect of a-PVP and none of the shitty physical side effects. It is very moreish when vaped; I found myself continuously chasing that first rush all night to no avail. The comedown has been gentle so far, but I have been dosing around 1-2mg after each sesh.. I never crashed too bad from a-PVP either, though.

Duration when vaped is short at around 30 minutes tops, but residual stimulation sticks around for a few hours. a-PHP is great stuff.. blows a-PVP out of the water in my opinion.

Picture of my a-PHP: gkQnpG8.jpg