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Dosages listed are far too high and are negatively affecting those who use this as a harm reduction resource. The dose/response curve on this substance is very steep - light doses should instead be 5-10mg, common doses 10-15mg, strong doses 15-25mg, and heavy doses anything higher.

I am a new user here so am hesitant to lock these changes in right away, but would like to get the discussion started with some veteran users. 15mg is proving far too much for the stimulant-naive as a recommended dose.


Yes, please (preferably someone with more experience) lower the common dosage to 10mg! I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack from the physical anxiety 15mg produced. Horrible experience. This is coming from a daily stim user -- benzodiazepines had little to no effect on the heart rate or anxiety unless dosed unnecessarily high/blackout territory.


Hey there! Admin here. thanks so much for the comments. I've lowered the dosage here to what you suggested. The dosage we have on this site is recomended elsewhere on the internet which is a little worrying. For example:


That is a little worrying but at least it's been recitified here. I appreciate the change.


We have asked a good number of people who have experience with this drug, and indeed the original doses were far too high :( 40mg pretty much constitutes an overdose, and the modified dosages are the same as yours: Threshold: <5mg, Light 5-10mg, Common: 10-15mg, Strong: 15-20mg Heavy: 20mg+. However, we had quite a few people say they received pellets from vendors dosed at 15mg which were too strong (and they weren't even stimulant-naive), though whether this is down to misdosed pellets or individualistic response is difficult to tell; either way we thought it was wise to add a note about this imploring people to start low where this drug is concerned. ( - reality@tripsit

I regularly do doses of 50mg for a functional stimulant dose (duration ~12 hours with no jitteriness or anxiety. I do usually take 2mg of clonazepam as I have avery high benzo tolerance and it takes any potential anxious edge off. New users ABSOLUTELY start at 10mg... 20 mg still have good stimulant and focus effects but i find a higher dose pretty euphoric as well. Many don't report this as having recreational value but there is definitely potential there.

I would also add insomnia (duration way longer than 7hr for me... sleep in less than 12 is not possible for me) as well as desire to redose under negative effects. Dehydration is pretty intense, at least the dry-mouth aspect. I think it's more of a mucosal form of dehydration than systemic, as even when I drink a lot of water I get insane cotton mouth.



The combination of Methylphenidate and 4f-methylphenidate may be a dangerous one, I've had 1 full-blown stimulant psychoses and a borderline psychotic episode in a short amount of time when starting to use 4f-mph too quickly after taking my prescription. I avoid any alcohol, since my experience with that is that it causes "abnormal behaviour", extreme feelings of euphoria and hyperactivity.


Some findings from chronic misuse


I've been using this to combat my severe speed and cocaine addiction, now down to 500mg per weekend, which I know is absolutely stupid, but I don't want that old life anymore.

This drug induces lucid dreams with prolonged use, as well as periods of sleep paralysis. Quitting this substance after my heaviest use caused me to sleep for a week straight. My heart and lung function is normal, I wasn't allowed to get my kidneys and liver checked.

I really wish someone with more knowledge about this would use my circumstances to the advantage of drug Science.