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Strange substance. A group of friends and I were driving to a festival, I had already dropped a tab and my friend offered me a hit of 3-F-PCP he bought online. I smoked a moderate dose out of an oil rig in my friends car and had a very intense experience. It was very harsh and I vomited in my lap from the smoke. I cleaned up my puke and my friend gave me 2 xans to calm down and we took turns snorting some pure peruvian snow my other friend sold us. We pulled over because the guy driving wanted to cook some of the coke into chunk rock and smoke it real quick cause we were still 5 hours away and it was getting boring. After doing the coke for some reason I drank some whiskey to even it out and spilled it all over me and and realized I was extremely high off the 3-F-PCP and was extremely confused. I had no idea where we or going or how long we had been in the car. My friends convinced me to take a hit of the crack they cooked in a spoon, and I got a very intense bell ringer. I got way too fucking high at that point and started sweating and twitching while my body overheated. I smoked a blunt and tried to cool down but it made me feel worse. Overall the 3-F-PCP I smoked was very strong and I think the effects are interesting but way too strong and it gave me a headache and made my stomach upset too. It also made me sweat a lot and feel fatigued and manic after doing too much.