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3 (Diphenylhydroxymethyl) Morpholine AKA Morphodrol

Morpholin-3-yl pipradol variant; catecholamine reuptake inhibitor with psychostimulant action theorized to be of reduced potency and shorter half life.

Subjective reports compare this compound to Isopropylphenidate in dose and effects, This appears to be what many call a functional stimulant at oral doses 15 mg and under. I strongly advice against vaporizing this compound. A report online shows powdered chunks coughed up by an individual vaporizing this compound regularly. This isn’t an unrealistic side effect due to the chemical properties. The compound is not soluble in H20 unlike other crystalized drugs such as methamphetamine (soluble in H20)

The data for the parent compound (pilradol) combined with subjective reports indicate it’s mechanism of action as a DNRI. Subjective reports describe it as less forced/“pushy” at lower doses then drugs such as methylphenidate. This is most likely why it’s compared to the effects of Isopropylphenidate. At higher doses and/or when used in other ROAs, based on my research is most often when side effects are noticed and can include but not limited to high pulse, high blood pressure, grinding teeth, sleeplessness, mania and psychosis. Also worth noting that some explain that this chemical has its desired effects in the lower dose range (5-15 mg) by desired effects I am referring to classic stimulant effects, productivity enhancement, elevated mood and reduced fatigue. The pattern I seen when reading through experience reports is users explaining high doses to have “weird” effects.

It has been noted that this compound potentiates Pentobarbital induce hypnosis in addition to antagonizing bulbocapnine induced Catalonia.

Highly Subjective: Dose Range Oral: 5-20 mg Onset: 60-180 Minutes Duration: 6-14 Hours

It is highly recommended to use harm reduction with this chemical.

Chemical Name 3-(diphenylhydroxymethyl)morpholine Synonyms α,α-Diphenyl-3-morpholinemethanol, morpholin-3-yl-diphenyl-methanol, α-Morpholyl-(3)-benzhydrol CAS # 26581-79-3 Form Off-white powder Molecular Formula C17H19NO2 Molecular Weight 269.34 g/mol Melting Point 129-131 °C Solubility Soluble in Ethanol